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What the REC Act means for the Fight over Public Lands

By Michael Graw / Lifestyle

Despite the estimated $646 billion that the outdoor industry contributes to the US’s GDP annually and the 6.

Lost Your Inspiration? Get Outside.

By Garrett Graham / How-to, health, and lifestyle

I take photos and videos for a living and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy. But 2017 came along and all January I was stuck in bed with a cold and in February I crashed my Phantom.

To Be a Kid Again: What I Learned from Peruvian Youth

By Jamie Scott / Destinations and lifestyle

During a recent stay in Peru I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time helping out the local community, it's a unique experience to see the positive effect you can have on a small group of kids a.

Making the Most of a Failed Attempt to Explore Bears Ears National Monument

By Leo Xu / Destinations and activities

I'd actually never heard of Bears Ears National Monument until a month ago when all the news were talking about this place.

It's Now or #Neverglades: The Impact of Climate Change on Everglades National Park

By Christian Murillo / Destinations and lifestyle

The GoodI grew up in South Miami, just 15 miles away from the expansive sawgrass river that comprises the majority of Everglades National Park.

8 Incredible Snowshoeing Adventures in the Sierra

By Under Armour / Destinations and activities

With the seemingly endless dumping of snow in California this winter, it’s pretty tough to hike in your regular old boots. That’s where snowshoes come in.

9 Photos to Convince You to Visit the Isle of Mull, Scotland

By Richard Smith / Activities and destinations

The inner Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland are home to some of the most beautiful and secluded getaways in the UK.

The Simple Beauty of a Night Spent in the Tennessee Mountains

By Pierce Overholt / Lifestyle, activities, and destinations

Last weekend I tagged along with one of my buddies to a little trip to Indian Boundary Lake by the Tellico Planes in the Cherokee National Forrest.

7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Adventuring

By Austin Jackson / How-to and lifestyle

1. Cheap is rarely good.As with anything in life, the cheapest item is rarely sufficient. The same goes for the outdoors.

If You Have Dogs and Need a Getaway, Pay a Visit to the Woodland Park Manor

By Benjamin Canevari / Destinations, lifestyle, family, and activities

We discovered the Woodland Park Manor through a website called Glamping with Pets.

A Guide to Exploring Mammoth Cave National Park

By Edward Webb / Destinations and activities

The "Historic Cave Entrance" for Mammoth Cave.

Why the BLM's Methane Rule Needs to Stay

By Johnathan Valdez / Lifestyle

On February 3rd, 2017, the United States House of Representatives voted to advance House Joint Resolution 36 (H.J. Res 36) to the Senate.

How to Cook Stuffed Bell Peppers in a Dutch Oven

By Alex Anderson / How-to, health, and activities

Everyone loves home made stuffed bell peppers, so what's better then enjoying this delicious meal while we are camping in our favorite location.

The Long Way Home: Why Traveling Cross-Country by Train Should Be on Your Bucket List

By Tiffany Young / Destinations

In 2015, I came back to the states after six months abroad in New Zealand. I didn't want to face the reality that school was going to lock me down or that the long adventures were over...

Explorer Spotlight: Gavin Pirrie

By The Outbound Collective / Lifestyle

Name: Gavin Pirrie | Age: 20 | Location: MontanaWhat’s your day job? Well not a job per se, but I’m a full-time student at Montana State University (Go Cats!).

5 Things That Will Convince Any Snowboarder to Try Splitboarding ASAP

By Justin Peverini / Lifestyle and activities

Earning your turns. It just oozes cool and badassity. My name is Justin, and I am a splitboarding addict.

How I Fell into Photography as My Profession

By Quin Schrock / Lifestyle

I never aspired to be a photographer. I didn't have some burning desire to create art… what I did have was a fear of sitting at a desk for the rest of my life.

The Current Attack on the Endangered Species Act

By Brynn Schmidt / Lifestyle

The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is a law that exists in our country to protect endangered and threatened wildlife, as well as critical habitat for these animals.

Why I'll Be Returning to Yosemite Next Year for Firefall

By David Waugh / Destinations, how-to, and lifestyle

Every year there is a phenomena that occurs in Yosemite National Park when the elements work together just right.

How a Trip to Montana's Backcountry Inspired a New Lifestyle

By Adam Parkison / Activities

A light rain polished spruce trees and stones, making the forest shimmer. Yellow Glacier Lilies sprouting from melted snow were the distinguishing element to the enchanting landscape.

Everything You Need to Know about Buying Machu Picchu Tickets

By Kyle Frost / Destinations

Buckle in. This is a long and aggravating process. The website is terrible and confusing, information is difficult to find, and it defies every standard of a good user experience.

The Toughest Kind of Photography Is in the Backcountry. Here's Why.

By Will McKay / How-to, lifestyle, and activities

Trudging through rain, sleeping at high altitudes, losing feeling in your extremities, and developing beautiful calves.If I could sum up backcountry photography in a sentence, that would be it.

Why You Should Visit Acadia National Park Anytime This Year

By Chris Mongeau / Destinations

I am an advocate for all of our National Parks and openly encourage anyone I know who's asking me for advice on planning their next trip to seek the outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful lands.

How the Outdoors Helped Me Fight Depression

By Matt Van Swol / Health and lifestyle

Millions of Americans suffer from some kind of depression.