The Beginner's Guide to Backcountry Skiing

By Jackson Smith / How-to and activities

So you've seen your friends and all those pro skiers on social media getting out and doing a thing called backcountry skiing.

Don't Waste the Off-Season

By Kevin Abernethy / How-to, health, and lifestyle

We are in the thick of the winter lull; some trailheads are closed and well beaten paths are covered in snow.

4 Ways to Make Getting up for Sunrise Easier

By Josiah Purss / How-to and lifestyle

Everyone has that little voice in their head that starts right after your alarm rudely wakes you in the morning.

7 Essential Techniques for Creating Amazing Panoramic Images

By Brandon Dewey / How-to and activities

1. To create a panoramic image: first, you need a tripod and some type of head that will allow you to rotate the camera. Most tripods have a bubble level; make sure your tripod is level.  2.

Why You Should Take a Point and Shoot Camera on Your Next Adventure

By Matt Van Swol / How-to and activities

Point and shoot cameras have gotten a bad rap these days. With the rise of cheap(er) mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, point and shoot cameras have been on the decline.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Camping in the Snow

By Josiah Purss / How-to and activities

When I moved to Utah, I was borderline scared of the snow. As soon as it started to snow I went straight inside. I couldn't handle wet socks, that just made me cranky, so snow was a no-go.

Answering Nature's Call: Backcountry Potty Protocol

By Mike Quine / How-to, health, and activities

Most of us loyal Outbound followers have surely experienced the reliefs and woes associated with answering Nature's inevitable call while out hiking or backpacking.

Discover Your Next Adventure with Topographic Maps

By Brad Geyer / How-to and activities

Getting Started It has become pretty much standard for me to search for my hiking and photography destinations by wandering aimlessly through my favorite free topographic maps website, looking fo.

How Nature Inspires Thought, Action, and the Creative Process

By James Sisti / How-to and lifestyle

Artists are a complex species, operating on a variety of wavelengths which, oftentimes, emanate from polar extremes.

Lessons Learned on My First Photoshoot at Glacier Point

By Kevin Kaminski / Destinations, how-to, and activities

When I went to Yosemite, I didn't really have a plan of where I was going to go or what I was going to see but I did know one of my locations was going to be Glacier Point.

Break 10 Bad Habits in 2017 by Spending More Time Outside

By Rachel Davidson / How-to, health, and lifestyle

You’ve spent the last few weeks stuffing yourself full, splurging on gifts, and drinking every night “in the holiday spirit.” And just like that – it’s all over, and 2017 came out of nowhere.

How to Execute Your Adventure Bucket List in the New Year

By Jonathon Reed / Lifestyle and how-to

I put a lot of stock in the new year. When I was in school I would have New Year's resolutions both in January and September.

5 Tips for Hiking with Kids and Toddlers

By Brandon Dewey / How-to, family, and activities

When I was a week old, my parents took me on my first outdoor adventure.

7 Essential Landscape Photography Composition Techniques

By Brandon Dewey / How-to

1. The Rule of Thirds The rule of thirds is one of the most used rules of composition and one of the most powerful.

9 Things that the Outdoors Taught Me in 2016

By Austin Jackson / How-to, lifestyle, and activities

This year, I was hungry. Hungry for experiences. No, not food, and no, not possessions, but rather I was hungry for memories and good times.

How to Take BETTER Photographs with That Expensive Camera

By Ethan Constable / How-to and activities

If you are reading this, I am assuming that you love the outdoors and taking pictures of the places you go.

The 5 Best Photography Spots in San Diego

By Dustin Kahia / Destinations, how-to, and activities

It's no accident that San Diego is the eighth largest city in the U.S. and second largest in California. The weather is great. The scenery is beautiful.

7 Reasons Why You Should Become A Guide

By Eric Murdock / How-to and lifestyle

1. The People You Work With There is no single aspect about working as a guide that is greater than your fellow guides.

How to Get Started Snowshoeing

By Women Who Explore / How-to and activities

Snowshoeing, it’s been around for a long time and is incredibly easy to do! So why isn’t everyone taking up this inexpensive and easy winter sport? Perhaps you just need a push in the right direction.

3 Things I've Learned about How to Cope with Routine

By John Sides / How-to, lifestyle, and family

I traveled a lot growing up.

The Essential Backcountry Art Kit

By Sarah Horn / How-to

Don't let your concern for adding extra weight to your pack deter you from making art in the outdoors. Build a lightweight kit with these tools.

Creative Drought; Friend or Foe?

By Garrett Schmidt / How-to, health, and lifestyle

We have all experienced it on some level in our profession or passions. Drought comes to those who have a desire for perfection and growth.

How The Outbound Collective Defined My Road Trip

By Jonathon Reed / How-to

This fall, my twin sister and I drove from rural Ontario to spend a month and a half exploring the wilderness of the American Southwest, from the San Juan Mountains across the Colorado Plateau to the.

High-Key vs. Low-Key Photography: Moody Landscapes

By Andrew Johnson / How-to and activities

Photos = mood rings.