Why You Shouldn't Pass Up on Those Roadside Lookouts

By Tanner Thompson / Lifestyle and activities

We often will just pass by those crowded road side lookouts on our way to our destinations, but if your not in a rush, stopping at these places can be very fun and rewarding.

Gather Stories, Not Photos

By Jonathon Reed / Lifestyle and activities

I stood on the edge of Canyon Junction Bridge in Zion National Park, surrounded by a small crowd of photographers.

Spotlight: Rab Equipment

By Kyle Frost / Lifestyle

Have you heard of Rab Equipment? If you’re in North America, maybe not. That's about to change.

How to Work a Summer Job in the Canadian Rockies

By Tara Stamnes / Destinations, how-to, and lifestyle

With the summer hiring season coming up soon, many people will be heading out to find seasonal employment destinations. Well, look no further: mountain dreams can come true in Banff National Park.

Why I'm Taking the Yellowstone Pledge

By Josh Packer / Destinations and lifestyle

What I love about Yellowstone are the memories I've enjoyed there.

Why You Should Add Luang Prabang to Your Travel Bucket List

By Will Cebron / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

When people talk about visiting Southeast Asia, they usually focus on places like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, often neglecting Laos. I was definitely guilty.

10 Reasons Why Camping Is the Perfect Romantic Date

By Alex Anderson / Lifestyle and activities

Today people don't seem to be very creative and the "perfect romantic date" is a candle light dinner and a movie.

How to Take an Epic Selfie

By Brendan van Son / How-to and lifestyle

For many of you, the word selfie might make you cringe.

Why Taking Our Baby Backpacking Was a Great Idea

By Adam Parkison / Activities, family, and lifestyle

“Babe, I don’t see any more foot prints. And look! The path ahead is covered in debris!” I continued up the trail enthusiastically.

Love and the Unknown: A Surprise Proposal in Patagonia

By Marguerite McNeal / Destinations and lifestyle

I shouldn’t be surprised when he gets down on one knee. Our dating history is a long one, and this trip to Chile has ample opportunities for epic gestures.

Finding Balance in New Hampshire's White Mountains

By Chloë Lynn Mykytyn / Destinations, health, lifestyle, and activities

In December, I had resolved to balance out the law with more hikes and photography. I did the research and made a plan. But like with any design, this too did not go as planned.

A Photo Tour of Henry's Lake and Yellowstone National Park

By Tylyn Cullison / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

I hate being a tourist, and I've never been more of a touristy tourist than last summer when I visited Yellowstone National Park during the 4th of July weekend.

Boycotting Outdoor Retailer Is Misguided at Best, and Damaging to the Industry at Worst

By Kyle Frost / Lifestyle

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about Outdoor Retailer over the last week or so.

8 Camping Meals You'll Want to Bring Home with You

By Tava Hoag / How-to, health, lifestyle, and activities

There’s nothing quite like a campfire meal. For me it feels almost primal to cook beneath the stars out in the woods.

The Debate about a New National Monument in Maine’s Northern Woods

By Danielle Tourigny / Destinations and lifestyle

On August 24, 2016 President Obama designated 87,500 acres of Maine’s northern Woods as the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

8 Things I Learned At 22,841 feet on the Summit of Aconcagua

By Rachel Davidson / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

I kicked off my New Year by spending three weeks climbing the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere: Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina.

Why You Need to Get in Your Car and Just Drive

By Ryan Oswald / Lifestyle and activities

I had the road trip of a lifetime all planned out! ➡️ Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park ➡️ Glacier National Park ➡️ Mt Rainier/Mt Olympus ➡️ Mt Hood/Crater Lake ➡️ Redwoods National Park.

How Biking Changed My Life and May Change Yours Too

By Diane Cunnings / Health, activities, and lifestyle

It wasn’t until after a friend’s exuberant Labrador retriever yanked me off a porch that my relationship to bicycles was rekindled.

Adventure Doesn't Have to Be Grand

By Josiah Purss / Lifestyle and activities

In the day and age of Instagram, adventure, for some, has become unobtainable.

The More Lost I Get the More at Home I Really Feel

By Jamie Scott / Destinations and lifestyle

Heading east finally, to the Cabot Trail. It was always odd to me that I had done so much traveling and yet most of my own country was yet to be explored.

Patagonia Withdraws from Outdoor Retailer over Bears Ears National Monument

By Liam McNally / Lifestyle

I grew up in Utah and some of my earliest and fondest memories are of camping in the desert in Southern Utah.

10 Illustrated Adventure Rigs: Part 1

By Isaac Orloff / Lifestyle

Adventuring is sure to bring you to many new and exciting places throughout your journeys. In addition to unique places and people, vehicles also change with the landscape.

4 Reasons Why This Small Mountain Town Should Be On Your Bucket List

By Lindsay Sanders / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

Nestled just 10 miles east of Mount Shasta, California is McCloud, a small, historic mill town with a vibrant history and a myriad of outdoor adventures suitable for any season.

Is Rural America as Limiting to the Outdoorsmen as Urban Sprawl?

By Katie Johnson / Lifestyle

In full disclosure: I grew up in America's fertile Midwest. In fact, I still live here. In even more disclosure: I have a degree in agriculture.