7 Perfect Spots to Catch a Georgia Sunset

By Explore Georgia / Destinations and activities

There really is no better way to spend the final moments of the day than relaxing outside with people you love and taking in the sunset.

5 Must-Do Adventures in Laguna Beach, CA

By Josiah Roe / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

Laguna Beach is famous for its beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and bohemian chic, but in addition to an array of water sports, it has also built a reputation for having an excellent network of t.

The Ultimate Night Photography Destination in Florida

By Garrett Schmidt / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

Growing up in Florida involves a lot of time spent on flat land. I started shooting as much as I could in the day time.

The Best Places to Visit in Banff National Park

By Julie & Brian / Destinations and activities

Vermilion Lakes Best Time to Visit: Sunset, or the late afternoon. Located just outside the town of Banff, a series of three lakes lie along a system of marshland in the Bow Valley.

The Top 25 Hikes in Arizona

By Hi-Tec USA / Destinations and activities

From the Grand Canyon's desert oasis, to the trails around Phoenix and the red rock cliffs of Sedona, Arizona is full of some of the best hiking in America.

20 Beautiful Photos of Winter Adventures in Idaho

By Visit Idaho / Destinations and activities

The secret is out. Idaho is the ultimate destination for winter adventures.

The Many Benefits of Exploring Zion National Park in the Winter

By Nicole Atkins / Destinations and activities

Anyone who has visited Zion knows almost immediately how intensely beautiful it is. Those who haven’t been there yet are in for a treat.

Golden Hour at Golden Creek Pond

By Andrew Hoang / Destinations and activities

Normally these stories are fun to write because some dumb thing happened and it's always a great story to tell, but this was just a normal day.

The Best Adventures in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

By Ethan Constable / Destinations and activities

I am fortunate to live next to this beautiful area that attracts nearly 5 million people each year. With almost 70,000 acres of protected area, the Delaware Water Gap N.R.

6 Inspiring Photos from the Smoky Mountains

By Nick Spicer / Lifestyle and destinations

Life is busyness. Life is a grind. Often times, life is merely a string of mundane tasks that demand our attention. Regardless of the path one takes, those truths are inevitable.

What Camping, Backpacking and Road Tripping Taught Me about Living Life

By Patrick James / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

The thing about living life is that you can (for the most part) make it whatever you want it to be.

A Guide to Skiing Rogers Pass in Golden BC

By Tourism Golden / Activities and destinations

With seemingly endless powder days, easy access from Golden (just 45 minutes!), and a vast array of world-class terrain, it’s no wonder that Rogers Pass is considered the ski-touring capitol of Canad.

Where Nature Roams Free: The Boundary Waters

By Zach Leon / Destinations and activities

In 1978, the BWCA Wilderness Act was passed to preserve and protect the approximately one million acres of waterways, boreal forests, and untouched wilderness of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

10 Hidden Gems Near Vancouver

By Tara Stamnes / Destinations and activities

Perhaps due to the epic playgrounds of the Coast Mountains being so accessible in Vancouver, the municipal parks of the Lower Mainland are definitely underrated.

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Avoid Utah in 2017

By Tylyn Cullison / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

A new year means new resolutions, goals, and ambitions. You travel junkies out there are probably planning your 2017 trips and I know how long those bucket lists can get. Let me do you a favor....

Weather Forecasts Predict Major Flooding in Yosemite Valley This Weekend

By The Outbound Collective / Destinations

In 1997, the Merced River flooded Yosemite Valley and caused the longest closure in the park's 107 years.

Canada's Arctic Ice Road

By Adam Hill / Destinations

Canada is a pretty huge country with many amazing secrets and one of the most amazing and untravelled roads is the ice road on the frozen MacKenzie River.

My First Time Photographing Ice Climbing: I Can't Wait to Do It Again

By Benjamin Canevari / Destinations and activities

There's honestly not a whole lot to tell for this story.

72 Hours of Adventure in Arizona

By Michael Gabbert / Destinations and activities

Arizona is a huge state. And to be honest, the list of adventures below barely scratches the surface.

10 Photos of My Solo Road Trip through Oregon

By Leo Xu / Destinations and activities

It was April 9, 2016. I decided to do a road trip to Oregon for the very first time. The route I chose was to drive through Nevada and enter Oregon from the bottom.

Stay: Refugio La Roca

By Kyle Frost / Destinations

If you’re looking for fantastic rock climbing in a world-class location, look no further.

A Terrifying Surprise Searching for the Northern Lights

By Joe Pariso / Destinations and lifestyle

It was a cold October night, me and two of my friends were wandering through West Glacier near Lake Mcdonald.

Going the Distance in Shenandoah National Park

By Scott Kaiser / Destinations and activities

In celebration of this year's National Park Service centennial, I've spent many weekends exploring Shenandoah National Park.

I Traveled 3 Months through North America and It Blew My Mind

By Guido Diana / Destinations

My name is Guido Diana and I am a Dutch photographer and adventurer.