When You Live in Paradise, Why Would You Ever Want to Leave?

By Cassie Kawamata / How-to and travel

As someone who has lived on the island of Oahu their whole life, the struggle to find cheap flights, plan trips, and maximize vacation time off work is real.

I Want to Use My Camera as an Instrument for Change: Here's How You Can Be a Part of It

By Emily Hlaváč Green / Lifestyle and travel

It was not more than four months ago that I applied with Photographers Without Borders, an NGO set up to support grassroots initiatives by linking them with photographers for assignments in remote lo.

Life at Potrero Chico, Mexico's Awe-Inspiring Rock Climbing Destination

By Carter Clark / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Our escapade to far off lands started like so many do: in a foreign customs office being told that we needed to exit the country immediately.

Catching an Epic Sunrise on Taiwan's Snow Mountain

By John Sides / Destinations and travel

It’s disappointing watching your trip plans seemingly fall apart. Months earlier, I’d planned a backpacking trip in Taiwan with my wife.

2 Days of Adventure through the Landscapes of Oregon’s Remote Southeastern Corner

By Chaney Swiney / Travel and destinations

Oregon’s most remote areas are in its southeastern corner. Here, deep in the rainshadow of the Cascades, the dry lands are folded and faulted in tilting mountains and vast expanses of sagebrush.

10 Photos from My Long Weekend Road Trip to the PNW

By Leo Xu / Destinations, travel, and activities

I have to say Oregon is one of my favorite states. There are so many amazing places and I just never got enough time to go there.

13 Highlights of the Great Ocean Road, Australia

By Alyssa + Hannah ODYSEA / Destinations, activities, and travel

Enjoy this spectacular adventure by camping in National Parks, finding secret lookouts, surfing beautiful waves and knowing the koala hotspots. This is our Great Ocean Road itinerary and highlights..

How One Lobster Pot Maker in the UK is Keeping Old Traditions Alive

By Gabriel Nivera / Lifestyle and travel

Going exploring on your own in a foreign land is by far one of the most rewarding experiences you can do as a traveller.

If You're Driving I-5 through Northern California, Make a Stop at Castle Crags State Park

By Michael Fricke / Destinations, activities, and travel

Growing up with my mother in Portland, Oregon and my father working in Long Beach, California I had driven up and down the I-5 many times. I never really stopped to see things in between until now.

Stanley, Idaho Belongs on Your Summer Bucket List

By Visit Idaho / Destinations, activities, and travel

With endless trails, lakes, and gorgeous scenic vistas, Stanley is your quintessential mountain town destination.

6 Photos from Alaska's Hatcher Pass and Independence Mine

By Alex Watts / Destinations, activities, and travel

Hatcher Pass is a great recreational spot in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. The area is filled with miles of hiking and biking trails in the summer, and cross-country skiing trails in the winter.

Unfortunate Truths of Being a "Dirtbag" on the Road

By Karissa Frye / Lifestyle and travel

I will bluntly admit that I am among the group of Instagrammers who post only the most alluring parts of my dirtbag travels.

16 Photos from My Week of Adventure in Zion National Park

By Andrew Todd / Destinations, activities, and travel

In October of 2016, two great friends and I got to head west (all of us being from the east coast) to Springdale, Utah and spend a week enjoying as much of the beauty and wonder of Zion as we could.

The Top 4 Places to Hike and Photograph in North Carolina

By Bryant Jordan / Destinations, activities, and travel

They say once you visit the Carolinas, you never leave. After living here for 8 months, I now have full understanding how a saying like that became so popular in the states.

A Journey to the Crystal Clear Waters of Panama's Red Frog Beach

By AG Shotz / Destinations, lifestyle, activities, and travel

As our trip through Central America had been up and running for quite a few days now, we decided to depart Jacó, Costa Rica and head for Panama.

2 Days and 3 Amazing Adventures in Southern Utah

By Leo Xu / Destinations, activities, and travel

The weekend is here and I can't just sit at home and watch TV or play on the computer or go out and party, that's not my lifestyle.

5 Gorgeous Spring Hikes in Shenandoah National Park

By Jess Fischer / Destinations, activities, and travel

Spring is finally making an appearance in Shenandoah National Park with bright, neon green leaves of spring beginning to make their way up the mountainsides.

8 Things We Love about Exploring South Australia

By Alyssa + Hannah ODYSEA / Destinations, lifestyle, and travel

Beginning from our hometown Warrnambool, we ventured up the coast along the Flerieu Peninsula to Adelaide with the dog, the boyfriend, the surfboards on the roof and the old wagon for camping out in.

Why I Keep a Travel Journal and You Should Too

By Jonathon Reed / How-to, lifestyle, and travel

I’ve never really been a journaling kind of guy. I usually prefer my laptop keyboard to a pen and paper, pretty much wherever I am—with one exception. When I’m on the road, I’m analogue all the way.

Pledge to Protect our National Parks

By Brynn Schmidt / Lifestyle and travel

My favorite places to spend time are in our national parks. I grew up going to them each summer with my family and winters were spent in Yosemite, learning to ski at Badger Pass when I was young.

You Need to Explore these Oregon Hot Springs

By Grace Lawrence / Destinations, activities, and travel

SUMMER LAKE HOT SPRINGS Summer Lake hot springs: The springs are located in the "Oregon Outback" on a remote plot of land near Summer Lake.

How to Travel with a Drone

By Garrett Graham / How-to and travel

Protection Is Key My advice is pretty simple, get a hardshell. Whether that’s a backpack or a case, you want a hard plastic cocoon protecting your expensive equipment.

5 Books to Read in the Wild

By Eric Bennett / Lifestyle and travel

A lot of my time spent in the wilderness is idle, waiting in a location for several days until the right light happens so I can take a photo.

An Unforgettable Road Trip to 5 Canadian National Parks in 5 Days

By Kevin Abernethy / Activities, travel, and destinations

Canada has been on my list of places to see for quite some time, so a friend and I packed up our car and headed north for what ended up being a 2,800 mile round trip.