10 Photos That Will Convince You to Visit Cape Kiwanda, Oregon

By Chris MacMurray / Destinations and activities

The Oregon coastline is arguably the most stunning portion of the Pacific that borders the mainland states.

Why You Shouldn't Pass Up on Those Roadside Lookouts

By Tanner Thompson / Lifestyle and activities

We often will just pass by those crowded road side lookouts on our way to our destinations, but if your not in a rush, stopping at these places can be very fun and rewarding.

Gather Stories, Not Photos

By Jonathon Reed / Lifestyle and activities

I stood on the edge of Canyon Junction Bridge in Zion National Park, surrounded by a small crowd of photographers.

Spotlight: Rab Equipment

By Kyle Frost / Lifestyle

Have you heard of Rab Equipment? If you’re in North America, maybe not. That's about to change.

How to Work a Summer Job in the Canadian Rockies

By Tara Stamnes / Destinations, how-to, and lifestyle

With the summer hiring season coming up soon, many people will be heading out to find seasonal employment destinations. Well, look no further: mountain dreams can come true in Banff National Park.

Why I'm Taking the Yellowstone Pledge

By Josh Packer / Destinations and lifestyle

What I love about Yellowstone are the memories I've enjoyed there.

Goblin Valley Shadows: Why This Small State Park in Utah Is Worth the Detour

By Natasha Smith / Destinations and activities

Driving through the relatively deserted planes between Arches National Park and Capitol Reef National Park, one might miss this unique little spot.

My Favorite Drive in the World

By Billy Bowling / Destinations and activities

I cant tell you where this love affair started. I can certainly telly you that it does have two end points though.

Why You Should Add Luang Prabang to Your Travel Bucket List

By Will Cebron / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

When people talk about visiting Southeast Asia, they usually focus on places like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, often neglecting Laos. I was definitely guilty.

Laguna Beach's Top 5 Trails for Hiking, Biking, and Running

By Visit Laguna Beach / Destinations and activities

Most people think of Laguna Beach as an idyllic, sun-swept, coastal town in SoCal with endless pristine beaches, but what is less known is that Laguna Beach is surrounded by more than twenty-thousand.

Whitetop Mountain: Virginia's Overlooked Peak That Should Be on Your Bucket List

By Billy Bowling / Destinations and activities

Sometimes, life happens. I get it. There is a chance most of you guys who happen upon this story are avid hikers, or adventurers.

Backpacking The Greatest Wilderness in Europe

By Erik Nilsson / Destinations and activities

Well above the arctic circle in Swedish Lapland lies Kungsleden - The King's Trail. This 450km swath of trail stretches between the towns of Abisko, the northern terminus and Hemavan, the southern.

Love and the Unknown: A Surprise Proposal in Patagonia

By Marguerite McNeal / Destinations and lifestyle

I shouldn’t be surprised when he gets down on one knee. Our dating history is a long one, and this trip to Chile has ample opportunities for epic gestures.

Finding Balance in New Hampshire's White Mountains

By Chloë Lynn Mykytyn / Destinations, health, lifestyle, and activities

In December, I had resolved to balance out the law with more hikes and photography. I did the research and made a plan. But like with any design, this too did not go as planned.

Adventure by Campervan: 10 Days in Scotland

By Trent + Georgie / Destinations and activities

Day 1As we arrived in Scotland by overnight bus from London, our journey began in Glasgow.

A Photo Tour of Henry's Lake and Yellowstone National Park

By Tylyn Cullison / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

I hate being a tourist, and I've never been more of a touristy tourist than last summer when I visited Yellowstone National Park during the 4th of July weekend.

How to Plan a Trip to the Galapagos

By Kyle Frost / Destinations

What comes to mind when you think of the Galapagos? Darwin? Finches? Baby marine iguanas being chased across the beach by dozens of snakes and eventually escaping? For me, the Galapagos Islands were .

8 Things I Learned At 22,841 feet on the Summit of Aconcagua

By Rachel Davidson / Destinations, lifestyle, and activities

I kicked off my New Year by spending three weeks climbing the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere: Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina.

Why You Need to Get in Your Car and Just Drive

By Ryan Oswald / Lifestyle and activities

I had the road trip of a lifetime all planned out! ➡️ Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park ➡️ Glacier National Park ➡️ Mt Rainier/Mt Olympus ➡️ Mt Hood/Crater Lake ➡️ Redwoods National Park.

Adventure Doesn't Have to Be Grand

By Josiah Purss / Lifestyle and activities

In the day and age of Instagram, adventure, for some, has become unobtainable.

The More Lost I Get the More at Home I Really Feel

By Jamie Scott / Destinations and lifestyle

Heading east finally, to the Cabot Trail. It was always odd to me that I had done so much traveling and yet most of my own country was yet to be explored.

10 Illustrated Adventure Rigs: Part 1

By Isaac Orloff / Lifestyle

Adventuring is sure to bring you to many new and exciting places throughout your journeys. In addition to unique places and people, vehicles also change with the landscape.

Wail of the Loon: A Pleasant Wildlife Surprise in Banff National Park

By Chase Dekker / Destinations

It always seems to be that when you least expect something, it happens. That was the case for me when photographing in Banff National Park, Alberta this past summer.

How to Summit the Two Tallest Mountains in New York in a Weekend

By Brandon Dewey / Destinations, how-to, and activities

The Adirondack Mountains has the two tallest mountains in New York: Mount Marcy (5,344’) and Algonquin Peak (5,115’).