How Hikers Can Avoid Blisters and Other Foot Problems

By Thomas Johnson / How-to and health

Hiking is an activity that requires extensive use of the feet. We rely on them to carry us safely to the end of the trail.

How 5 Days in the Grand Canyon Helped Me Process Grief

By Chloe Donlan / Health and lifestyle

Ever since losing my friend, I have been struggling to understand my grief.

An Easy Camping Recipe for Apple Oatmeal Cones

By Adam Kingman / How-to, health, lifestyle, and travel

Apple Oatmeal Cones I haven't had much luck packing in snow cones during the summer months, so here's a killer alternative for all you camp hack lovers out there.

Butternut Squash Cauliflower Trail Tacos

By Adam Kingman / How-to, health, and lifestyle

For those of you who have exhausted your freeze dried meal options and peanut butter sandwich supply, this one's for you.

Lost Your Inspiration? Get Outside.

By Garrett Graham / How-to, health, and lifestyle

I take photos and videos for a living and it’s something I thoroughly enjoy. But 2017 came along and all January I was stuck in bed with a cold and in February I crashed my Phantom.

How to Cook Stuffed Bell Peppers in a Dutch Oven

By Alex Anderson / How-to, health, and activities

Everyone loves home made stuffed bell peppers, so what's better then enjoying this delicious meal while we are camping in our favorite location.

How the Outdoors Helped Me Fight Depression

By Matt Van Swol / Health and lifestyle

Millions of Americans suffer from some kind of depression.

Finding Balance in New Hampshire's White Mountains

By Chloë Lynn Chartouni-Mykytyn / Destinations, health, lifestyle, activities, and travel

In December, I had resolved to balance out the law with more hikes and photography. I did the research and made a plan. But like with any design, this too did not go as planned.

8 Camping Meals You'll Want to Bring Home with You

By Tava Hoag / How-to, health, lifestyle, and activities

There’s nothing quite like a campfire meal. For me it feels almost primal to cook beneath the stars out in the woods.

How Biking Changed My Life and May Change Yours Too

By Diane Cunnings / Health, activities, and lifestyle

It wasn’t until after a friend’s exuberant Labrador retriever yanked me off a porch that my relationship to bicycles was rekindled.

5 Things I Learned from Being Raised in the Outdoors

By Austin Jackson / Health, lifestyle, family, and activities

I grew up fortunate. No, I wasn't the richest kid, and I was never sporting the newest pair of Nikes. I was never the most liked or funniest kid in the class, but I was still fortunate.

The Value of Slowing Down in the Wild

By Marc Fryt / Destinations, health, lifestyle, and activities

Like the sun burns on my face and arms, the summer pace burnt my appetite for any more long weekends.

Don't Waste the Off-Season

By Kevin Abernethy / How-to, health, and lifestyle

We are in the thick of the winter lull; some trailheads are closed and well beaten paths are covered in snow.

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Travel Alone

By Alex Patchett / Health, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Who doesn't love traveling? Exploring new areas, new cultures, and making amazing memories with friends.

Answering Nature's Call: Backcountry Potty Protocol

By Mike Quine / How-to, health, and activities

Most of us loyal Outbound followers have surely experienced the reliefs and woes associated with answering Nature's inevitable call while out hiking or backpacking.

Break 10 Bad Habits in 2017 by Spending More Time Outside

By Rachel Davidson / How-to, health, and lifestyle

You’ve spent the last few weeks stuffing yourself full, splurging on gifts, and drinking every night “in the holiday spirit.” And just like that – it’s all over, and 2017 came out of nowhere.

Why Spending Time Outdoors Will Simplify Your Life

By Cambrey Knapp / Health, lifestyle, and activities

Where on earth can I find happiness? Isn't that one of the most classic questions we ask ourselves? You can't tell me that that inquiry hasn't crossed your mind a time or two during your short stint .

Creative Drought; Friend or Foe?

By Garrett Schmidt / How-to, health, lifestyle, and travel

We have all experienced it on some level in our profession or passions. Drought comes to those who have a desire for perfection and growth.

4 Backpacking Lessons Learned on my Couch

By Christian Murillo / Health, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Injuries can be a real thorn in the side to all of your fun outdoor plans, but they can also provide an interesting opportunity to get back to the drawing board and re-think your indoor lifestyle.

It's Not Safe to Hike Alone

By Calvin Weibel / Health, lifestyle, and activities

Inevitably, people always react the same way when I say I'm hiking alone.

When We Lost the Wilderness

By Brynn Schmidt / Health, lifestyle, and family

My husband and I met in Yosemite. He was way into rock climbing and working as a wilderness guide in the Sierras when we met. I had just moved back to California after a year as a ski bum in Colorado.

An Acrophobic Tries Hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park

By Han Phan / Destinations, how-to, health, lifestyle, activities, and travel

Being severely afraid of heights has never rendered my life uneventful, but it's definitely made me ugly cry a lot of times in public, in front of strangers.

5 Ways Yoga Can Help You Hike, Bike, Climb and Even Camp

By Mollie Carberry / Health, lifestyle, and activities

1. Strength Although weight training is favored when trying to build strength, often body weight alone can prove equally as challenging and effective.

Why I Left Home to Pursue My Dream of Adventure Photography

By Garrett Schmidt / Health, lifestyle, and travel

What are dreams? Just thoughts floating around? Or are they plans? For two years, I pursued this “dream” of mine — to photograph adventures.