Nestled at the base of Mount Humphrey's, Flagstaff offers that ski town feel in Northern Arizona. It's a perfect escape from the desert on those hot summer days, or a bustling winter sport get away during those colder months. One visit to Flagstaff and your preconcieved notion that Arizona is just a desert will quickly be wiped away.

Top Adventures in Flagstaff

Frisbee Golf at McPherson's

1 Miles Round Trip

Hike the Soldier's Trail

5.6 Miles Round Trip - 300 ft gain

Hike Fatman's Loop

2.5 Miles Round Trip - 690 ft gain

Bike along the San Francisco Peaks on Waterline Road

20 Miles Round Trip - 3000 ft gain

Hike the Two-Spot Loop Trail

2.5 Miles Round Trip - 100 ft gain

Hike the Island Trail, Walnut Canyon

1 Miles Round Trip - 200 ft gain


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