Kaitlyn Janak

Lover of coffee, beer, forests and all things nature. Just a girl who likes to adventure and take pictures while doing it. You can follow all of my adventures on Instagram @thiswildwanderlust

Hike to the Hippie Hole

0.3 mi

Hike Botany Canyon

5 mi / 807 ft gain

Hike Willow Creek Trail

2.8 mi / 5200 ft gain

Explore the Spokane Ghost Town

1 mi / 4521 ft gain

Hike Hunters Canyon

3 mi / 164 ft gain

Hike to Ingersoll Abandoned Mine

0.5 mi / 4990 ft gain

Hike to Devil's Bathtub, Black Hills National Forest

1 mi

Hike to Loch Lomond

4.6 mi / 948 ft gain

Backpack to Willow Lake in the Cloud Peak Wilderness

8.4 mi / 8100 ft gain

Photograph the Sunrise at Badlands NP