Sarah Westholm

    Hike in Winter

    Great hike with the dogs in winter! Quiet and isolated. Great addition to the Superior Hiking Trail


    Beat the crowds at Gooseberry by taking this trail. I love to take my dogs along the trail.

    Best of Iceland

    Absoluetely the best time I spent in Iceland! See caves, volcanoes and more! It is seriously the best time we spent in Iceland!

    Gorgeous but crowded

    A great way to spend the day in Iceland. Crowded until you get away from the main paths and then it gets interesting. Hike along the lave fields for a lot of excitement.

    Beautiful +!

    Great hike to white sky rock! Continue on to lake agnes for even more rewards. All around enjoyable!

    Start Out Early

    Great kayaking experience! Rough waves middle of the day so the earlier you start in the day the better. Also the only thing keeping this from five stars is the amount of motor boats on the lake. Not the best place if you are looking for isolation, the boundary waters would be better for that.