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Cenote Dos Ojos (Two Eyes Cave) is shimmering oasis of interconnected flooded caves, with cerulean water so clear you can see straight to the bottom. This cenote has fewer visitors than Grand Cenote, but is no less impressive. Snorkel and swim one of the largest underwater cave systems, or scuba dive for a more extensive look around one of the most impressive diving sites of the Yucatan Peninsula.

This Cenote will be the first recommendation from a local, if you’re looking for the grandeur of the famous Grand Cenote, but minus the crowds. The name comes from the two large underground caves connected by a very large, complex cavern, complete with the deepest known cave passage in Quintana Roo at 396 feet. 

You can reach it by rental car, bus, collectivo, or guided tour. We recommend doing it without the tour, so you can enjoy as much time as possible to explore on your own. The entrance is well marked and just south of Akumal, or 13km north of Tulum on Highway 307.

You will take a short hike down the stairs to the first “Eye,” but don’t forget there is much more to the site. Explore around and you’ll find the second “Eye” even more impressive, where the scuba divers shine light on the cavern walls and open up a magical underwater world for onlooking snorkelers. Take your time swimming, relaxing, and photographing!

Don’t miss one of the passageways to the “Secret Bat Cave,” a darker cave with a small amount of outside light shining through. Marvel at the bats hanging from stalactites in their natural habitat.

Photography by Kevin Kaminski

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3 months ago

Perfect for photography

This cave is... unreal. I truly wish I had an underwater housing for my camera at that point in time. I'm hoping to get back some day to experiment more there.

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