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Cenote Dos Palmas is a family-owned cenote, as well as area for camping, that sits beside the Parque Dos Ojos road. As a result, it tends to be overlooked by visitors who are on their way to the Parque-run cenotes. However Cenote Dos Palmas has a much more personal touch, with care taken to the details.

The cenote is set in a limestone cave depression, with the water surrounding a central island 'eye'. The water is clear blue, and as this cenote tends not to be crowded, you'll have a chance of seeing and swimming with the freshwater turtles that make their home here. The rounded limstone cave takes on a 'subway' like feel, as it's possible to swim along the rounded walls. 

Hammocks and tables have been set up in the center of the cenote, as well as up above surrounding the perimeter of the depression.

Divers can enter at Cenote Dos Palmas to access a vast cave system. Those with snorkel equipment will find amazing formations in the blue water.

The site also presents Maya rituals and ceremonies for visitors during certain seasons and days. 

Cenote Dos Palmas is open daily from 9am-5pm. Admission is MX$150 per person. Those looking to visit Cenote Dos Palmas can bypass the Parque Dos Ojos visitor center and proceed straight up the well-graded dirt road to the Cenote Dos Palmas parking area.

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