Hike from Amalfi to Ravello and Atrani

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Distance: 6.46 mi roundtrip. Elevation gain: 2858 ft. A beautiful hike to take from the already stunning town of Amalfi. Gorgeous views of the Mediterranean. Hike up an ancient winding staircase alongside citrus orchards and Italian houses. Local culture. Great food along the way.

Beginning in the town center of Amalfi, at the square facing the church, take the road leading directly away from the ocean. Prior to passing the large building over the road, take the staircase on the right onto a small "street." Continue up the mountain, taking the roads on the right that lead up, and prepare for a leg workout. Much of the trail is directly up the hill, but there is one section with a few switchbacks. Eventually all of the roads narrow to one going up the hill, past original citrus orchards and farmers' homes. The road here will be narrow and uneven so watch your step! Take time to breathe and admire the stunning views of the city set back against the ocean.

At the top of the hill you will cross a larger road with cars on it to reach the town of Pontone. There is a tiny town square and a few good places for lunch or coffee, as well as a public bathroom, which is unlikely to have toilet paper. Take a breather here and admire Amalfi!

After stopping in Pontone, follow the main road down the hill following signs for Ravello. After half a mile look for stairs off of the main road so that you can walk on a small path. Continue this way until you see stairs that head steeply up the hill with a sign for Ravello. This is a little bit of a steep climb upwards, but is usually shaded.

At the top you will reach Ravello, a popular tourist town. Grab a gelato in the square and walk around the ancient town. From here it is possible to take a local bus back to Amalfi if you are a little worn out, or head back towards Pontone until you see signs for Atrani that head towards the water. Continue down the small local paths until you reach the town square and can see the water. This is another good place to stop for food. From Atrani, take the small roads that parallel the main highway back to the beach and main square of Amalfi.

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One of the coolest hikes I’ve done. Easy to moderate as there are LOTS of stairs, but they are uneven which adds the difficulty. The pictures are amazing.

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