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Unique swimming spot. Views of Vesuvius. Local swimming spot. Low traffic area.

Take a short bus ride from the Sorrento city center to Marina di Puolo and experience a favorite local swimming spot.

After taking the local bus to Marina di Puolo (if you're not sure, ask the bus driver to let you know when you reach the stop), cross the road from the café on the corner and follow the painted dots past a local church. Turn down a narrow road, slightly overgrown with plants on the side, and pass by houses - you might get passed yourself by the locals on Vespas. Follow this path for about a mile until you reach a fork in the road. Turning down the fork leads to the small inlet known as the bagni (bath). It has a small area to leave your belongings, a rock in the middle, and an outlet to the ocean, which is not safe to swim through.

After taking a dip in the water, go back up the stairs and follow this path to explore ancient ruins. You'll also see locals tanning and a restaurant if you continue to walk along the shore.

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