Dive the West End Wall

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An abundance of marine life, predator and prey, as a massive upwelling of current creates an ideal environment for feeding and diving.

One of the most popular dive sites on Roatan, the West End Wall, located in the heart of the Meso-American reef system and the Roatan Marine Park, is an ideal site for viewing the vast abundance of marine wildlife in the reef due to its unique role as a primary feeding ground for much of the wildlife in the area.

Sea turtles, barracuda, massive crabs and lobster, moray eels, and endless other ocean creatures can be found.

It is a popular drift dive, beginning at roughly 20' and dropping down to about 45-60' to cruise along the wall with the wall bottoming out at around 90'.

An open water certification is recommended as is going with an experienced dive guide such as Pro Dive Roatan, which is required by the Roatan Marine Park.

The principles of Leave No Trace apply to the ocean as well as the land. Do not touch the coral and the wildlife and take no souvenirs.

Plan your dive. Dive your plan.  




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