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Seemingly endless canyons and swim-throughs withe abundance of wildlife in the heart of the Meso-American reef system.

Located on the Meso-American reef in the Roatan Marine Park on the northwest shore of Roatan, the popular Canyon Reef dive and snorkeling site is so named for its many canyons, swim-throughs, gulches and coral towers ranging in height from 10' to 150' that harbor an abundance of marine life.

The upper part of the reef which houses most of the canyons were carved by streams when sea level was much lower than it is now. 

The top of the reef wall beings at around 10 feet descending slowly to an average of 45' before it bottoms out at 120', where you can find soft coral, rays, rare seahorses and even juvenile lion fish ripe for the hunting/taking. At night you can find octopi, drum fish, and banded coral shrimp coming out of their hiding places to fish.

Intermediate dive experience and/or an Advanced Certification is recommended for navigating the sometimes-tricky canyons and swim-throughs, as is going with an experienced dive guide such as Pro Dive Roatan which is required by the Roatan Marine Park.

The principles of Leave No Trace apply to the ocean as well as the land. Do not touch the coral and the wildlife and take no souvenirs.

Plan your dive. Dive your plan. 

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