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Explore, swim, surf or relax on a pristine beach on the Pacific Coast.

I have been to many beaches in Costa Rica. I have never experienced a beach as beautiful (yet) as this one. The approach to the water is a gradual, barely noticeable ease into the ocean. From my first time here and all the subsequent visits, the beach and ocean floor were completely void of rocks and coral. The sand in the water is silky smooth. This is a perfect beach for a beginner surfer if you bring your own board.

There are no services at all at this beach.  There are several picnic tables amongst the shade of palm trees between the beach and the access road.  Also take note, while the solitude and remoteness is spectacular, there are no lifeguards and no cell service.  If you are injured or have an accident, you need to be prepared to deal with it appropriately.

This is my new favorite beach because of the silky sand, isolation and solitude.

Playa Corozalito is about a 45 minute drive south of Samara.  Follow signs for Playa Carrillo and continue through that town.  Once over Rio Ora, turn right and follow signs for Islita.  Pass Punta Islita and descend back toward the ocean.  As soon as the road flattens out again, look right for a dirt road that turns back slightly.  You will probably pass it at first.  Worth the effort!

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