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Playa Barrigona is a pristine beach with few visitors and beautiful scenery. This is a great beach for relaxing in a grove of Palm trees. Currents can be strong here, so be careful if you swim or surf.

This was the very first beach I found off the radar about 15 years ago.  Every year I travel to Costa Rica, I make a point to return to Barrigona.  While there are a few people, mostly locals, that go to this beach, many times I have been the only person here.  On several occasions I've found turtle track out of the water during the nesting season.

The beach is crescent shaped with volcanic rock outcroppings on either end.  The rocks at the north end of the beach are exposed, even during high tide.  Also, the north end of the beach has some beautiful Palm trees and nice flat ground to set out a towel and relax to enjoy the view.

A few things to note about this beach.  There are no services and few people around.  The waves are much bigger than they appear from the beach and the current is strong.  You should only venture out above your knees if you are a strong swimmer and familiar with escaping a riptide.  The same with surfing here.  You would have to bring your own board and should be an advanced surfer.

As mentioned I have been going here for many years.  The access road is an unmarked dirt road off of road 160 (another well traveled dirt road along the coast.  Here are the directions and coordinates for the dirt road entrance: Travel north out of Samara on route 160. There are no signs for the turnoff to Barrigona. It is about 20 minutes from Samara and you do have to cross a river (only attempt during the dry season). The turn off for the beach is on the left and at these coordinates; N9 53.546 W85 34.463.

There is a small parking area among the trees at the south end of the beach.  Do not keep any valuables in you car!  However lately, there has been a local attendant here which I only saw this year.  Still, better safe than sorry.  Take everything with you.

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