Canoe Camp from Willow Beach to Hoover Dam on the Colorado River

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This multiday camp and canoe trip is seriously a ton of fun and good for groups of 2-8 people. You'll have a secluded (hopefully) beach, tons of scenery and your very own Hot Springs!!!

First off, there is a lot of paddling involved...nothing too crazy, but just consistent. Most people start from the Hoover Dam and just float/ paddle down to the Arizona Hot Springs/ Camp and then finish at Willow Beach. But that also involves permits and you need to book it at least 6 months in advance.

So instead, our route was: Start at Willow Beach, AZ., paddled 8 miles upstream to camp at the Arizona Hot Springs for a night then 4 miles upstream the next morning to the Hoover Dam, and finally paddled down back to Willow Beach, AZ.

There are no permits involved doing it this way (for the paddling or camping), but you do need to have all of your own equipment. There is Desert River Outfitters close by that you can get all your gear from if you don't have it.

So just to reiterate, the paddle is tough at some parts going upstream, especially when they let water out of the dam, and the strongest currents are in spring, but summer may be too hot to paddle, so it's all a give and take.  Fall and spring are the ideal times weather-wise but you may not be alone.

The camping is primitive and you definitely have to pack in/ pack out. There are "designated" areas meaning you can see where others have been before and set up. You can make your own fire ring with rocks and again, just make sure to practice the LNT principles of camping next to water, cleaning up, fires, etc.  

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So Many Hot Springs

Canoe camping along the Black Canyon water Trail below Hoover Dam is always a blast. We camped at Arizona Hot Springs and paddled to the other canyons to explore the springs and waterfalls.

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