Camp in the Valley of the Gods

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Discover the stunning and unique landforms of this humble valley in southeast Utah. A brilliant alternative to its touristy and pricey next door neighbor, Monument Valley, The Valley of the Gods will provide just as good if not better views, and allows for free camping at your choice of the dozens of spots along the 17 mile dirt road loop.

The dirt road loop is relatively smooth and can be driven on by just about any car, campervan, or RV. However, check the weather beforehand because some areas can become flooded after rain and will be a difficult mud crossing. It can be driven in either direction. One entrance is off Highway 163, 15 miles west of Bluff and 7 miles east of Mexican Hat, and the other entrance is off Highway 261, 10 miles northeast of Mexican Hat.

Once you've made it on to the road take your time enjoying scenic views of beautiful cedar mesa sandstone monoliths in every direction. These sandstone sentinels have been eroded by wind and water over the course of 250 million years. You may be able to see why they call it The Valley of the Gods by seeing the grand god-like faces carved into the profiles of these monoliths.

Along the 17 mile loop there are several car camping spots that can easily be identified. There are no markers or signs but if you see a open space off to the side of the road that has clearly been cleared out, then park your car and camp away. The only regulation that has been stated by the Bureau of Land Management is that there are no campfires allowed. Other than that, enjoy an immensely gorgeous backyard and embark on a long free roam hike.

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about 2 months ago


I camped in Valley of the Gods with an incredible view of Monument Valley in the distance. It's a great place to camp while on a road trip to Utah.

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3 months ago

BLM (FREE!) Camping in Valley of the Gods

In Dec 2019 I had bought a used Sprinter Van to take on the road to sell my children's books about the national parks and go to running races and find other adventures. The last time I was on the road for my book sales was Feb 29, 2020 and then Covid hit and my world seemed to come to an abrupt stop. We made some small trips but I had not ventured into stores and most national park visitors centers were closed. I finally planned a two day solo Utah road trip to see how things were opening up. I left Park City for Helper, Utah to Green River to Dead Horse Point to Moab then to Bluff and wondered where I would stay that night, knowing full well I wanted to find BLM land. I happen to know the owners of Combs Ridge Bistro which has take out only so while I was waiting for a buttermilk battered chicken salad I searched and soon found that Valley of the Gods was only 22 miles away! I had been there in March 2016 and had done the 17 mile loop so I knew I could easily find a pullout for the night! It was the prefect ending to a very long day!! Those fortunate enough to figure out that Utah is very generous with its BLM camping rules so why pay when you can have this for free!

Amazing place

I spent 3 days here camping out of the back of my SUV. This is the most beautiful free campground I've ever visited. I might have seen 5 other cars the entire time I was there. The only drawback is the no campfire rule. If you don't have an RV or a camper it limits the time you'd want to stay here. I followed the rules, but I noticed many old fire pits, and could see campfires off i the distance late at night. I'm curious, does anyone knows how strictly the rule is enforced? It would be good to know for next time.

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12 months ago

Amazing area to explore!

Whether you have a little time or a lot of time to spend in this area you will not be disappointed. It is such an incredible area with amazing views, sights and places to explore!!


Better views of the surrounding mesas and buttes than Monument Valley (in my humble opinion) and little to no crowds. A great, quiet, and remote spot not far off the highway.

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