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Two beautiful pagodas built for the late King and Queen's 60th birthdays. And the grandeur of these pagodas is surrounded by equally stunning views.

The pagodas are located inside Doi Inthanon National Park and are a must see as part of your day in the national park.  You can combine them with Hike to Waterfalls in Doi Inthanon National Park for a perfect full day. 

To get to them, drive south from Chiang Mai on the 108.  Continue on this road  for about 55km- until you see the sign to turn off to Doi Inthanon.  This will be a right hand turn at the light, just past a large gas station.  The road you are now on is the 1009, and is the road that takes you into the park and up to the Pagoda.  If you get to the nature trail on your left you have just past where you want to stop of the pagodas.

It is a very curvy road with fairly steep elevation.  If a motorbike doesn't suit your comforts, you can get here by car or book a tour as well.  

Entrance into the park is 300baht plus the cost of whatever vehicle you are in (motorbikes are about 20baht more).  Then once you get to the pagodas there is an additional entrance fee, which if I remember correctly was no more than 50baht.

From the turn off it is about 40km to the Pagodas.  I suggest getting here early in the morning because as the day wears on the crowds can become a little crazy with all the tour buses that show up.  The Queen's Pagoda is on the right as you walk up the main stairs and behind it is a beautiful garden.  When I went in the beginning of March the flowers were blooming beautifully, but then at the end of May they weren't as vibrant.

The late King's pagoda is on the left and although not surrounded by a garden like the queens it still is beautiful in it's own right.  Additionally from just outside the King's pagoda you will get beautiful views of the rolling green mountains of Doi Inthanon National Park.

This area is definitely worth a stop and gives you the summit views you'd expect, but don't get, from the Highest Point in Thailand. 

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Scenic Visit in Doi Inthanon National Park

If you're visiting Chiang Mai and making a day trip to Doi Inthanon National Park, this is a must see. These pagodas were built for the king and queen as presents. On top of the historical significance, there is also a stunning garden view where you can take a break and catch your breath after a long day of touring around waterfalls in the park.

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