Phyllis Rock

We Went With A Tour

The tour guide was very informative and knowledgeable about the history of the Mayans and the local culture. It was pretty touristy and had so many vendors it was hard to walk through the shady areas without being begged to buy trinkets. The ruins are roped off due to vandalism and graffiti done in the early 2000 but you can get good views from a bit away.

Loved Tulum

We took an ADO bus from Cancun, about 2 hrs ( 140 pesos) took a taxi to ruins from bus stop(60 pesos). Spent about 45 min admiring the ruins and reading the information about the history of the Mayans. The Tulum village was an important trade capital as other villages wanted sea products such as fish and coral. They built their temples on top of fresh water cenotes on a beautiful cliff above the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. After the ruins we rented an AirBnB for the night, crazy beautiful night life in Tulum after dark, you should stay for at least one night in this safe and fun small Mexican town of friendly people!