Photograph the Five Rivers Fountain of Lights

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You don't want to miss seeing one of the world's largest fountain displays right next to the heart of Dayton!

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, these massive water fountains operate several times each day according to a rigid schedule: 10-minute intervals at the top of the hour, Mon.-Fri., 6:55 AM-9:55 PM and weekends 10:55 AM-9:55 PM. The five fountains shoot 2,500 gallons of water per minute 200 feet high and 400 feet wide, with the central geyser also shooting water 200 feet high. 

Each fountain source is capped with a large spire that is adorned with 25 intelligent lights that fade from one color to another, but they are only on at night. The fountains also have some smart features, including wind direction and velocity sensors to determine if certain fountains need to be shut down. If the wind blows hard enough in certain directions that would cause the water to fall in dangerous areas (i.e. downtown or any of the bridges in the area) then the system would shut down any individual fountains causing the hazard and leave the rest operating.

There are multiple spots to get great pictures from, and with them operating each hour you can be sure to capture the scene from all around. It truly is an incredible scene at any time, but getting a good sunset as well is always a bonus!

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ūü•áTop Contributor

4 months ago


I've lived near Dayton my whole life and a few years ago saw this fountain come on while driving on the highway. When you see them up close, you get an idea of just how huge they are! They are especially beautiful during sunset. It also makes for a great evening walk. There is tons of room to spread out and you can see lots of geese and maybe even a Great Blue Heron if you look out into the water.

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