Camp at Bill's Beach, Playa Santispac

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White sand beaches with your own personal lagoon and an unparalleled view of Bahía de Concepcion, and all still a couple days drive from civilization.

Bahía de Concepcion on the eastern side of Baja California is one of the most iconic and beautiful places on the peninsula. It and its beaches are *why* people drive for two days out into the middle of nowhere. It is a place that makes Baja, Baja.

Bill's Beach, so named for a Canadian man who came on his retirement trip in a 2008 Lincoln sedan and never left (and still lives in a tent next to the sedan), is a short spit of white sand tucked between a beautiful lagoon and Bahía de Concepcion. 

To get there drive about two days south of the US-Mexico border or two days north from Cabo San Lucas. The beach is about 30 minutes south of Mulegé and about an hour and a half north of Loreto. Take the turnoff for Playa Santispac and drive south along the beach around the dirt road carved into the cliff.

The lagoon is filled with rays, herons and other wildlife and is great for kayaking as is the entire calm & protected Bahía de Concepcion. As the large tides come and go, the lagoon will fill and empty, sometimes doubling the size of the sandbar. Across the mouth of the lagoon is a small hiking trail to the hilltop overlooking the beach.

Despite not being officially part of the nearby Playa Santispac, you are still waking distance to its two small restaurant bars. Each morning vendors will visit the beach selling food, firewood, and a big barrel of water you can bathe in.

Otherwise there are absolutely no services on Bill's Beach so be sure to practice the principles of Leave No Trace and pack in what you pack out. Keep the place pristine for the next visitor. 


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