Kayak Coronado Island in Loreto Bay

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Have your own secluded white sand beach on a volcanic island all to yourself. A shallow protected bay keeps fishing boats and water taxis out so you can relax in the silent tranquility.

There are several ways to kayak to Coronado Island at the north end of Loreto Bay. The easiest way is to drive north from town on Davis Street. Davis Street begins as pavement before it crosses a wash and weaves along the dunes north of Loreto. Most of the street is fenced in, and it is easy to follow. There are signs pointing toward a restaurant called La Picazón that you can follow.  The road is sand and gravel and easy to drive in most vehicles if tires are partially deflated.

When you get to the restaurant the road makes a left turn away from the coast for a few hundred feet. It curves around back and makes a sharp left turn north. At the turn there is a road that goes toward the beach. Take this instead of turning and it will open into a large parking area with a barbed wire fence. Preventing beach access is illegal in Mexico as all beaches are required to be public. There is an opening in the fence to back through onto the stone beach which is not recommended for two-wheel drive vehicles. Parking here is safe for the day, but make arrangements with Hernando at La Picazón if you plan on staying overnight on the island.

A small ramp has been cleared on the beach to put boats in the water. Try leaving in the morning when the calm wind is blowing out and returning in the afternoon when the stronger wind is blowing in. If you plan on staying out closer to sunset, a spray skirt is recommended because the bay can get very choppy.

Once in the water, paddle toward the large volcano on Coronado Island. On the crossing head toward the northern side of the peninsula that reaches out toward the mainland. Watch for waves because there is a long rocky reef just under the water. This reef is filled with fish and it is not uncommon to see corvina, sea bass, manta rays, or sharks.

Steer clear of the pounding surf and head up the peninsula. Around the point about 2.5 miles from starting the paddle is the opening to the bay. Head for the center to avoid the waves and cruise into a large shallow bay with warm crystal clear water. The water is only a few feet deep, so navigate around sand bars and land on the beach. From here you have an epic view of the island in complete privacy and seclusion.

For a more challenging trip, you can round the island completely in a long day or overnight to make the total distance 16 miles.

When you are ready to paddle back, round the point and head for the restaurant. It is the only building near where you launched. As you close in on the shore, you can see two tall cordon cacti that mark the entrance to the beach and land in the ramp.

Reward yourself with Hernando's incredible fresh seafood and a large margarita at La Picazón. This is an awesome day trip for anyone visiting Loreto. If you are without a kayak, there are several options in town for rentals and guides as well.  

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