Haleakala National Park (Cabin Permits)

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Located on the island of Maui, Haleakala National Park maintains three wilderness cabins for normal visitor use, Holua (elevation 6,940ft 2,115m), Kapalaoa (elevation 7,250ft 2,210m), and Paliku (elevation 6,380ft 1,945m) in the Wilderness Area of the park. These wilderness cabins are accessible only by trail and from the summit area require you to hike a minimum of 3.7 miles (5.9km) to Holua, 5.5 miles (8.9km) to Kapalaoa, and 9.3 miles (15km) to Paliku. For normal visitor use, the wilderness cabins are available year-round by permit only, through advance reservation.
Message of Cultural Sensitivity: Upon entering Haleakala National Park, you are a guest of the Hawaiian culture, which considers the entire area sacred. Each person should behave as if entering a temple or reverent place in his or her own culture or belief system. The rocks, the plants and even the silence are part of the sacredness and should not be disturbed. For Native Hawaiians, Haleakala represents an important place within their culture. Quietness and sense of place are of importance. Originally, within cultural practices, Ancients only came to Haleakala for very important reasons and they conducted these visits in silence. Therefore, the Wilderness Cabin Use Permittee agrees to carry out the activities of this Permit with deference to, and respect for, this cultural belief. The Permittee and their participants/associates shall carry out the authorized activity as quietly as possible, and shall to the extent possible, also carry out the authorized activity in such a manner to be dignified and respectful to the Haleakala sense of place.   



There are no food establishments, stores, showers, or laundry facilities in the park. Each of the park’s three wilderness cabins are equipped with 18 lockers; each locker contains three logs. Combinations will be issued by park staff at the time of check in for cabin permits at Headquarters Visitor Center (at 7,000 ft. elevation) in the summit district. Permits will only be issued between 8 am and 3 pm. Permits may be obtained one day prior or day of reservation. Please bring a lighter or matches; firestarter briquettes recommended. Any visitors wanting to pack in more wood can purchase logs and fire starter at the gift store. Each log weighs 5 pounds. The park cannot guarantee that propane or wood will be available. 

Natural Features

The distinctive cinder cones that dot the summit landscape of Haleakala resulted from relatively recent eruptions. Material from these mildly explosive, fountaining eruptions settled back around the vent forming the cones. Only a few plants, birds, and insects have adapted to the harsh conditions created at the summit and on the upper slopes of the volcano. Rainfall sinks rapidly into the porous rocky ground, whose bare surface become summer every day, winter every night. This harsh environment is home to the endangered ahinahina (silversword), a unique species of plant which grows nowhere else in the world.

Charges & Cancellations

1) Cancellations prior to 21 days---$10.00 charge + partial refund
2) Cancellations within 20 days of arrival---No refund
3) $10.00 change fee per reservation night prior to 7 days. No changes within 7 days (not counting arrival day)


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