new to AK

Busy hike

This is a fairly busy hike. I'd make sure you have a bell and bear spray because a good stretch of this hike is through bushes where there is not good visibility.

Be careful

There was a fatal bear attack in this valley. The bear was never caught. There is a warning at the trailhead. Bring bear spray & travel in groups.

Nice short hike

This is a nice short hike. Just went yesterday and there was a lot of mud & slush.

Nice Dog Friendly Hike

Nice & easy dog friendly hike close to Tucson. The signs in the parking lot say they close the gates at dusk.

Such a fun hike!!

This is one of my favorite southern AZ hikes because of the cables & the view from the top


This place is gorgeous. It’s a great place to watch the sunset and do some stargazing.

Huge waterfall.

Go into this realizing that it is pretty much what you would get if the Vegas strip was next to an enormous waterfall.

Very pretty.

Nice short hike to a pretty waterfall.

Nice swimming hole

This is a gorgeous area. It was decently busy when we went even on a week day. Super dog friendly.

Pretty waterfall

This is a pretty waterfall. Not much exploring to be done if you follow the rules. There is a fence and signage prohibiting you from exploring the area beyond the lookout point.

Pretty Falls

Not too much exploring. It's a path behind a college bookstore. The Falls are very pretty though

Beautiful Falls.

Not really a hike. You just hop out of your car and walk down some steps. The Falls are pretty but very crowded

Nice Hike

Watch out for pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Creek Is Blocked.

The creek is blocked by down trees so you can only go downstream outside of the park right now.

Very Muddy.

Really pretty trail. Be aware that part way in the trail gets VERY muddy as of 3 days ago.

Short Easy Hike

Short easy hike to a very pretty waterfall.

Really Pretty Falls.

The pin for the trailhead on this adventure isn't in the right spot. It leads you to the rangers cabin that isn't for public access.

Beautiful Lake

The water is so clear & refreshing. We were able to paddle to a small island today and had the whole thing to ourselves. The island had a couple campsites on it that looked great.

So many markers

The middle 3rd of this trail is just a scramble over a bunch of rocks. It also seemed like maybe several different people had marked the trail. There were lots of cairns, spray painted dots, arrows and orange string. No way to follow all of them just keep heading up and you'll get there.

Lacie Griego

almost 3 years ago

Nice quick hike.

The trail was well pretty well worn in. As of yesterday I only saw one cairn and it was before the fence. The parking lot was full when we got there but we had the cave to ourselves. I bet it gets pretty busy on weekdays though.

Lacie Griego

almost 3 years ago

Nice dog friendly hike.

This trail was very muddy yesterday with running water on the trail in quite a few spots and a lot of washed out places. We got the last space in the parking lot but the trail wasn't busy after the first mile. I was surprised that the parking lot was full on a Tuesday morning though. We passed several parking areas on the way to the trailhead though so if it is full you could park at one of the other lots. We went counterclockwise and it wasn't horribly steep.

Nice campground

This campground has very nice amenities. It was really nice to be able to have a free hot shower after a long hike. My only complaint is that it was very loud these past couple of nights. I'd definitely bring earplugs if you're a light sleeper.


We watched the Sunrise over the mittens and then took off on this drive. The early morning light was amazing and we only saw 2 other cars.

Absolutely Amazing

Hands down the most beautiful place I've ever been.