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Better than Arches or Horseshoe Bend

Got here for sunrise, and wow, what a stunner. A much more expansive and magnificent view than Horseshoe Bend, plus way less people than Arches.

Awesome local spot

We walked from the bus stop at the village square in Curiti, although there are many tuk tuk drivers that will offer to take you down to the swimming holes. We ended up catching a ride back up to Curiti with some locals. Great spot, we were the only travelers around. Grab a few beers and enjoy the water!


A pretty incredible place, with the dunes juxtaposed against the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. Wander around, and be sure to get up high enough to see the full dune field to the north and west!

The work is worth it

It's a steep climb up to the hut, but man are the views worth it. With Mt. Armstrong just above and Mt. Brewster dominating the nearby skyline, you'll be in for a treat. A+ sunsets. Definitely at least go up to the summit of Brewster, such an incredible view of the Southern Alps.

Lives up to the hype

There are a lot of hyped up spots out there that don't make the grade. Laguna 69 is not one of those. The water really is THAT blue, and surrounded by one of the most beautiful mountain ranges I've ever seen. If you're there on a day tour, it'll be a little crowded, but it's still spectacular.

Photogenic Waterfall

A 30 second walk brings you to a surprisingly spectacular waterfall. The calcium deposits and falls seem almost out of place in the mountain/desert landscape. The full path around the falls takes you by some pretty cool caves. All in all, nothing fancy, but a nice spot to grab a waterfall photo.

Great skinning/backcountry skiing!

A quick skin from the parking lot will take you to the old Boston town site, where a likely clear skin track heads up and to the right to the ridgeline. From the top, you can take a direct route or meander through the trees before strapping those skins back on for another lap. This area is subject to avalanche danger, so check avalanche conditions (http://avalanche.state.co.us/) before you go.

Great easy hike for sunset

This is a great spot to catch a quick sunset. It's a short drive from Boulder, and the hike can be done in 20 minutes. You get a great view of the plains to the east and Indian Peaks to the west.

Incredible scenery

Got up here just after the first big snowstorm of the season. It's fairly well traveled, year round so the trail was clearly packed out. We made it all the way up to the Upper Lakes, but some kind of microspikes would definitely be recommended. The trail can get pretty icy in winter. Definitely go all the way back if you can, less people and better views!

Easy 14ers in the Front Range

Grays and Torreys are easily knocked off in a day hike. Be sure to leave early to avoid the inevitable summer thunderstorms (and beat the multitude of hikers). Guaranteed to be PACKED on a summer weekend, so get a super early start, or go during the week if you can. For the more adventurous, check out the Kelso Ridge route up Torreys!

Iconic, but NOT where Ansel Adams took that picture

The always crowded, always beautiful vista of Yosemite Valley. Photography-wise, definitely try and be here for sunrise when there are less people around. PRO TIP: The iconic "Clearing Winter Storm" shot by Ansel Adams was actually shot from Artist Point (a couple hundred feet above Tunnel View). The trailhead starts on the hill just behind the parking lot, and after a short hike, you're likely to have that view all to yourself!

One of my favorite scrambles in Colorado!

Such a fun way to climb one of the more popular 14ers in Colorado. After cutting off the main trail at the base of the ridge, it's amazing Class III all the way up. The knife edge "crux" is a short section that's easily passed with some super graceful straddling of the ridge. All in all, just a fun, straightforward scramble. A+

Nice hike, but crowded

If you're here to get that "Lion King" shot you've seen on instagram, maybe consider going during the week. Be prepared to hike through throngs of people and wait in line to get a picture on the rock during the weekends. For a more interesting experience, you can do this hike for a full moon!

Great spot for long exposures

You can't actually walk out on the pier (it's a research facility), but you can wander around the beach and get some sweet long exposure shots underneath the bridge.

Even better at sunset

For the best hike, I'd recommend starting from the top and heading down to the beach from the north side of the loop, then returning from the south side of the loop. One of my favorite hikes in the San Diego area. Seriously amazing during golden hour.

Sublime sunsets

Great spot for shooting portraits, engagements, or to just wander along the cliffs at sunset. If you start at the north end, it makes for a great run out to Point Loma as well.

Beautiful, but crowded

If you hike on a weekend, be prepared to brave the crowds at lake Isabelle. Its proximity to Boulder and relatively short distance make it a prime spot for the post-brunch crowd and families.

Great spot for a quick backpacking trip. We headed up the ridge to the left of the pass, which eventually leads to a bigger flat area with spectacular views of the surrounding peaks. Incredible spot for sunset and sunrise!

Hands down my favorite spot to camp in the Sierras. Huge alpine lake, ridiculous mountain backdrop, great camping spots...what more could you want?

Interesting spot. Not a whole lot going on at the Tufa's, get there at sunset or at night for more interesting photo opportunities. Overall, kinda meh in the daytime.

5 minute walk from the parking lot. Go here to get that "one shot" at sunrise or sunset. If you're pressed for time, I'd recommend sunset over sunrise. Hit another viewpoint on Lake Powell for sunrise and get a greater variety of scenery/light/shots.

Pretty cool hike. Quick up and down if you're in shape. The chain section adds a bit of fun to the final stretch of the hike, although it doesn't feel particularly exposed at any point. Definitely be prepared to be in a traffic jam if you go during the day. Fantastic view from the top!

A great day of canyoneering. The trail from the wildcat trailhead down to the start of the canyon can be a bit hard to follow, so make sure to keep your eye out for cairns. The canyoneering is fun and the rappels are short (and a couple are even circumventable if you're confident). Definitely recommend doing this in the summer, it makes the swims far more enjoyable! I'd definitely recommend the Top-down over the bottom-up hike!

Pretty cool spot. The pools smaller pools are warmer, but the big pool is impressive, and a apparently is 75 feet deep! Lot's of little (and bigger) tropical fish in the big pool. Fun spot to stop on your way north or south on the I-15.