Walk Along the Cliffs of Moher

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Explore the amazing and scenic Cliffs of Moher. This adventure is not located far from Dublin and is best and most easily accessed via a tour from Dublin.

The best way to do this, or the easiest, would be by booking a tour. There is no bus that goes out to here, so you would have to rent a car otherwise. If you are staying in Dublin, you can book a tour at the Paddy Wagon Travel Agency for about 35 Euros. It's just on the main road by the giant metal pole.

The bus ride is about 3 hours and they take you to a small fishing town, some smaller cliffs, a place to buy an expensive lunch, and then the Cliffs of Moher. This is an amazing place to see if you are in Southern Ireland and is a great spot to shoot some photos. Like most places in Ireland, this spot can get extremely windy and rainy so wear some warm clothes!

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30 days ago

Incredible Views - When The Fog Cleared

The Cliffs of Moher are an absolutely incredible sight. But the Irish weather can be unpredictable, so I recommend staying in Doolin for a couple of days to give yourselves the best chances of seeing them. If it's foggy or windy, take extra care, and respect leave no trace when hiking the path.

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3 months ago


Unfortunately, we had terrible weather when we were here: it poured so much and the winds were crazy. It was beautiful and I really hope to go back sometime when there's sunshine or at least less rain! WIth that being said, we had an incredible time and as our airbnb host said we "really got to experience the wild in the Wild Atlantic Way.


馃Top Contributor

almost 2 years ago

Must See

If you are in Ireland, this is a must see adventure!

馃 Contributor

over 3 years ago

Must Visit!

The Cliffs are among Ireland's top tourist destination for good reason. If you go after hours, the crowds are mostly gone and you might be lucky enough to catch a great sunset against the cliffs.


馃Top Contributor

over 3 years ago

Awesome views, go during off hours

The views from the visitors center of the Cliffs of Moher are simply spectacular. There are very few times in my life where I have been as much in awe of nature. One thing to note is that if the cliffs look dangerous to you, it is because they certainly are. The wind here can be very strong and very unpredictable, so proceed to the cliffs edges with extreme caution. I am not saying dont do it, because it is an incredible experience, but many people have died from falling off of these cliffs. I dont mean to scare anyone, but just know what you are getting into so you can enjoy the views as best as possible. I also recommend going either early morning or towards the evening, because the crowds that come in tour buses from Dublin can really make this a zoo in the middle of the day.

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