Explore the Coastline at Reynisdrangar

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Climb through the rocks at the east end of Black Sand Beach to view Reynisdrangar, a dramatic set of sea stacks below the cliffs of Mount Reynisfjall.

Reynisfjara—one of the largest and most striking examples of Iceland’s black sand beaches—is a well-known stop for those exploring the South Coast. Be sure to hike to the east end of the beach to get a better look at the cliffs and the wide ocean vista.

According to legend, the sea stacks were formed by a couple of trolls who tried to drag a ship to shore but were turned to stone by the arrival of daylight. Today, they jut out of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and provide a home for seabirds such as puffins, Arctic terns and fulmars.

Spend the night at the local campground in Vik and wake up early to make the 10 km drive to Reynisfjara beach before sunrise. The turnoff onto Route 215 is hard to miss, and ends at a beachside parking lot. Walk east on the beach past the magnificent basalt column caves until you reach the mass of boulders that mark the headland. Climbing through the boulders for another 100 metres will reward you with a hidden beach, view of Reynisdrangar and the oncoming sunrise.

It’s important to keep a distance of about 30 metres from the ocean, because Reynisfjara is known to have a high risk of ‘sneaker waves’—large waves that can hit the beach with little to no warning. 

Also note that drones are prohibited due to high visitor traffic and the vulnerability of the seabird populations. 

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