Reynishverfisvegur, Iceland

Explore Black Sand Beach

Originally added by Matt Van Swol

A couple minutes from the town of Vik, Black Sand Beach is widely considered the world's most beautiful non-tropical beach.

Black Sand Beach offers an expansive view of the ocean and nearby cliffs. It gets its name from the small black pebbles that make up whats known as the "black sand" of the beach. There is a small cafe down by the water with delicious treats. Be careful here, the wind is usually very strong and there are plenty of warning signs about not going into the water due to the powerful waves created by the wind. Personally, I enjoyed walking left along the cliffs toward the town of Vik, there are plenty of boulders to climb around on to get some pretty cool shots of the cliffs and rocks in the water. Enjoy!

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Scenic and powerful

Huge beach with a very memorable juxtaposition of wind, waves and rock. Make sure you leave enough time to really do some exploring and enjoy the place. Be prepared for high wind and do your research on sneaker waves.

Recommend camping on the beach

One of my coolest travel experiences happened here. Got an incredible northern lights show the night we decided to camp on the beach. I imagine this place gets pretty crowded during the day, so I'd recommend camping along the shore and then getting up early to enjoy the area before everyone arrives.

Really Cool. Really Popular.

Really dramatic landscape with high powerful seas. A stop for every tour bus so patience is required if you want that "I'm all alone in the wilderness photo". Winter provided super high winds so bundle up.

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