Bathe in Myvatn Nature Baths

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Natural hot springs in northern Iceland that are perfect for watching a sunset.

Myvatn Natural Hot Springs are an alternative hot spring to the well-known Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The $18 student tickets are much more affordable than the prices of $75 for other nature baths.

Because Myvatn is located on the other side of the country than the main airport, it is less crowded, yet offers the same great experience. The prime location sits in the middle of Viti Crater and Hverfjall Crater along the Ring Road.

The best time to visit Myvatn is in the evening after a long day of adventuring. Nothing will compare to watching the sunset slowly drift along the horizon. This is what Iceland is all about.

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🥇Top Contributor

3 months ago

A best alternative to Blue Lagoon

An Icelander friends suggested to visit Myvatn instead of Blue Lagoon. We arrived there after a long day of activities and it was the best thing we could conceivably do! The place is amazing together with an extraordinary landscape around it. It was far cheaper than Blue Lagoon (that we ended up visited at the end of our trip), far less crowded and much better experience overall. Yes it is not as glamorous, however it provided a great relaxing experience. When we visited the place, there was a terrible wind and cold, so we just kept our faces outside of the hot water and after bathing we made sure that we had dried ourselves perfectly before leaving the cozy warm place and heading back to the freezing cold. Overall an unforgettable experience!

🥈 Contributor

6 months ago

Myvatn Nature Baths

Myvatn nature bath is super nice! You can relax and forget about everything! Beautiful location and nice view from the pool!

Arguably the Best Thing in Iceland

It was a profoundly beautiful experience. My friends and I shared stories and secrets with one another while staring up at a summer evening sky that never set. I’ve seen a few things and been many places in my life, but nothing was more visually breathtaking than the sky at the Myvatn baths. Nothing even comes close. You will walk away a different person.


🥇Top Contributor

over 2 years ago

Best natural bath in Iceland

Myvatn beats the Blue Lagoon, hands-down. It's massive, but not overcrowded. The temperatures are consistent and very warm. There is also a hot-tub like area that is perfect for sitting fulling down in and enjoying a beer or two. Additionally, it was very easy and convenient having the staff serving you beer wherever you were within the spa. Loved this place!

Beats The Blue lagoon.

This was a much better experience than the Blue Lagoon. Half the price and less than half the crowd and better views.

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