Beautiful Camping Spot

Sort of crowded on a Saturday night as expected. We arrived to camp around 4pm Saturday and beat the crowd. Everyone was super nice and most seemed willing to share a campsite. We woke up at 3:30am to climb the loop Sunday morning. Not a good spot if you are wanting a peaceful morning. Cars started driving up at 3:30ish. The lake is beautiful and the road to the trailhead was definitely in good enough condition for a low clearance sedan. We didn’t see or catch any fish in the lake.

Even better than expected!

This was a great first night in the mountains. We wound up getting a 4x4 so we drove the trail up to the lake. There were a handful of other trucks and campers at the lake overnight. Not crowded. Gave some guys a ride to the lake in the back of our truck. Did some fly fishing but didn’t have what the trout were looking for. Could see the fish but no bites. This would definitely be a tough hike but worth it.