Debbie Serrano

Not much

It was ok. The river is pretty, but not much.

Very Nice

It was a nice spot to go to. I went in the month of 12/31/17 and thought it was a nice drive to get there as well. You’ll cross over 3 little creeks and get to the fall. It’s a short walk. Round trip 2 hrs or so. It’s on a campsite, so at this time of year it’s closed, so you can bring your dog.

Totally Worth The Trip.

Map was easy to follow . It was very nice and worth the drive


The map takes you to a gate with graffiti and the rock has graffiti and there’s trash . It’s a dump. You should take this off of here. Totally not worth the drive I took.

almost 3 years ago

Worth It

Breath taking view! Worth the 8 miles round trip.