Cliff Jump at Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, Havasu - Search Nearby - Added by Ryan Cline

This place doesn't need many photos, its pretty self explanatory. This cliff jumping spot is located in Lake Havasu, accessible by either boat or hike. The cliff is about twenty-five feet high and you can jump in almost any direction!

There are two ways to get to Copper Canyon--by boat or by hiking in via the California side of the trail alongside the lake. only two ways of getting to Copper Canyon and thats by boat or hiking the California side of the trail alongside the lake. This spot is very popular in the summer.


Rock Climbing
Cliff Jumping
Swimming Hole

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Natural thrill ride!

These cliffs are amazing. Dangerous if you don't know where you need to jump, but definitely worth it! Boating through the Colorado River to get to the canyon is also very beautiful