Hike Kapuzinerberg

2.8 miles 492.1 ft gain  - Loop Trail

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This is an amazing short hike in the middle of Salzburg. See ruins of a medieval fortress and beautiful panoramic views of the city and the Alps.

Starting at the Platzl (at the State Bridge) walk up Linzergasse, through the Franciscan Gate to Stefan Zweig Weg. The steep climb up the Kapuzinerberg is lined by stations of the cross chapels.

Walk through the Felix Gate (1632) past the Paschinger Schlössl (where Stefan Zweig lived from 1919-1937) to the Capuchin Monastery, founded in 1599. A defense tower, the "Trompeterschlössl", used to stand here. The fortifications are found below the monastery with the Hettwer Bastion observation platforms. Walking past the monastery gardens you will reach a gate to a meadow with a bust of Mozart. The path branches off to the Franciscan Monastery on the right edge of the meadow and leads through a quiet beech forest to the eastern escarpment of the Kapuzinerberg with a view towards Bavaria.

Following the ridge you will reach the small Franziski Schlössl built in 1629 by the architect Santino Solari under Archbishop Paris Lodron, a small fortress with a projecting bastion, used today for alfresco dining and a great place to stop for a rest. After the Franziski Schlössl the Basteiweg leads down steep steps in  a semicircle back to the Hettwer Bastion; unpracticed hikers are recommended to take the Stefan Zweig Weg back to the Capuchin Monastery.

The 1.5-km wall has intermittent observation towers and bastions affording a wonderful view of the city. Continue from the Hettwer bastion over the Imberg stairs back down to Steingasse to return to your point of departure.

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Great morning hike

My friend and I hiked Kapuzinerberg on the morning of the day we were staying in Salzburg. We took our time exploring and strolling through the forest, we even stopped to eat a snack and still completed the hike in about 2 1/2 hours. The views are beautiful, the path well marked, and the traffic is very low. If you are in Salzburg for even just a few hours, you should make a stop by this hill and take advantage of the opportunity to explore some ruins that have been beautifully reclaimed by mother nature.

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