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The iconic photos of reflection canyon are generally seen from above, but exploring the canyon by boat is much easier, and can be done in one day.

Note that this is not the same as Backpacking Reflection Canyon. This trip is done by boat, and can be done in one day.

To begin, you'll want to leave Bullfrog Marina somewhat early in the day, since it will be a long trip to the canyon. I recommend doing this in addition to something else in the area, such as Rainbow Bridge and/or Clear Creek Canyon. Regardless of what you do before or after, you'll want to enter Reflection Canyon at mile marker 57. The canyon is labeled, so you shouldn't miss it. 

The water level is going to dictate how far you can go in your boat. If you want to drive through the spot where you have likely seen many photos of, you'll want to continue going back into the canyon around the first turn, and you will then see the two rocks in the center of the lake sticking up. If the water level is low, the spine between the rocks can be showing, and it will be too shallow for you to drive between the rocks. Be sure to always be paying attention so you don't touch bottom in your boat. You can continue on to a fork in the canyon if you'd like, and at this point you can explore in either direction. They both go back about the same distance, depending on the water level. Reflection Canyon is not as long as the other canyons in the area, so going all the way back is less than a 15 minute trip in a powerboat.

Do note that if you are trying to reach the Reflection Canyon viewpoint, that normally requires a backpacking trip, you can not get up this way. I went to the canyon with the hopes that I could find a spot to climb up the walls, but came up unsuccessful. 

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