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Top Adventures in Illinois

  • Hike the Garden of the Gods Observation Trail

    In the southernmost part of Illinois, Shawnee National Forest is a wonderful natural area that transports you far from the flat agricultural landscape typical of so much of the Midwest. Located in the central area of the forest, Garden of the Gods...

    1 miles

  • Hike the Matthiessen State Park Loop

    With 5 miles of trails, which alternate between cliffs, canyons, and bluffs, Matthiessen State Park has plenty to offer. This particular trail also includes three waterfalls, along the way. From the Dells Area parking lot, head down the steps next...

    5.8 miles

  • Hike Ottawa Canyon at Starved Rock State Park

    This canyon is not as popular as some of the others in this park but it is my favorite by far. You can either hike the full 3.9 miles from the visitor center or you can jump in your car and head over to one of the parking lots on the east side fo...

    3.9 miles

  • Hike the Lower Dells at Matthiessen State Park

    Starting off right from the parking lot at Matthiessen State Park, follow the trail markers through the forest, across beautiful bridges, and find your way to one of the many stunning waterfalls. Depending on when you go, the water level will vary...

    3.5 miles 250 ft gain

  • Hike to Starved Rock's La Salle Canyon

    This out-and-back trail is one of the parks longest trails. Starting from the visitors center it is 2.2 mile hike one way and 4.4 miles if you go out and back. The trail is very much worth the long trek. You enjoy the views and fresh air of the Il...

    4.4 miles 370 ft gain

  • Hike the Upper Dells of Matthiessen State Park

    From the start of the parking lot you will cross a picnic area to your left where you can have a bite to eat before or after your hike. The trailhead starts off with a couple flights of stair leading you down to the bridge. After taking in the spe...

    2.2 miles 627 ft gain

  • Run Chicago’s Lakefront Trail

    Chicago – the third largest city in the US and home to the deep dish pizza – doesn’t exactly scream “outdoorsy.” In reality, there is much more to Chicago than skyscrapers; there are dozens of parks, outdoor music venues, and the city is right on ...

    6.7 miles

  • Hike the Waterfall Glen Loop

    It is easy to modify your route, with lots of side trails to choose from. A waterfall and scenic views make for a pleasant spot to exercise.

    9.4 miles 387 ft gain

  • Hike to Wildcat Canyon at Starved Rock SP

    If you happen to find yourself in the Chicagoland area be sure to check out the Wildcat Canyon hike at Starved Rock State Park.  This is a 2 mile out and back hike from the visitor's center that leads to the largest waterfall in the park.  There a...

    2 miles

  • Hike Starved Rock's French Canyon

    Starting from the visitors center or the parks restaurant, depending on where you parked. If you were forced to park by the restaurant because of a busy day, you will start the trail head with a map of the park. You will follow the tallest stairs ...

    0.4 miles

  • Hike to St. Louis Canyon at Starved Rock State Park

    Starved Rock has some very interesting rock formations you can explore.  The valley was formed by a series of floods as glacial melt waters broke through moraines, sending torrents of flood water surging across the land that eventually eroded the ...

    3 miles

  • Hike the Cap Sauers and Swallow Cliff Loop

    The Swallows Cliff Woods, an 800 acre preserve, is known for its 100 ft bluff that provides visitors with a steep stair workout. On top of the bluff, however, there are less strenuous trail options, leading through the hilly, forested terrain, pas...

    4.74 miles 259 ft gain

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