The More She Climbed, The More Confident She Felt

Obstacles aren’t meant to be barriers, they’re meant to be overcome.

When you decide you want to try something new—especially something that requires blood, sweat, and tears—you’re bound to find yourself well outside your comfort zone. When Irene Yee decided to take a leap of faith and try rock climbing, she quickly discovered that outside her comfort zone was her happy place. Climbing opened the world up for her and instilled in her the idea that our mind and bodies are capable of more than we could imagine.

Through climbing, she found a place where she could have fun, learn new skills, build community, and most importantly, be herself. The more time Irene spent climbing, the more confident she became in who she was. As Irene puts it, “I became somebody I always wanted to be.”

Irene loves to take the lessons she has learned for herself and try to draw them out of her climbing partners through her photography. Climbing isn’t always pretty, but whether her subjects are topping out with an ear-to-ear grin or frustrated and struggling mid-pitch, she wants to show that it’s all part of the process. The process, not the result, is the GOAT she’s chasing. #ChaseYourGOAT #GOATworthy

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Published: October 31, 2017

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