Hike to Baiyang Waterfall in Taroko National Park

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Easy hike to one of Taroko National Park’s most stunning waterfalls 

The Baiyang Waterfall trailhead is located near Tianxiang village in Taroko National Park. From Tianxiang village, head north on the cross-island highway. After just a couple of winding turns, you’ll drive under a covered section of road. The trailhead actually begins here, in a tunnel that will be on your left. In order to park, you’ll need to drive through the covered section of road and immediately take a right, turning down into a parking area that has restrooms. Backtrack to the tunnel to start the hike.

This tunnel is the first of several you’ll hike through. It’s the longest (approximately a quarter mile) and is unlit, so you may want to bring a flashlight or headlamp. On the other side of the tunnel, the trail follows a river tributary and takes you in and out of several shorter tunnels along the way. The trail is wide and flat in most places, and makes for a very easy and enjoyable hike.

In about a mile, you’ll come to a concrete bridge. Across the bridge to the left, you’ll see a red suspension bridge and get the first glimpse of the spectacular Baiyang Waterfall. To the right you’ll see signs at another tunnel entrance for the Water Curtain tunnel, but this tunnel has been closed recently due to landslides and rock fall. Head left and cross the suspension bridge to get to the main viewing platform for Baiyang Waterfall, and enjoy the amazing views. Landslides and erosion continually alter the river’s path here, so things may look different the next time you come!

Note: Taroko’s dramatic cliffs along the river gorge mean that it is particularly prone to landslides and rock fall. Signs throughout the park encourage visitors not to hang out under overhanging cliffs (and in some places even to wear helmets!). While some of the signs may seem overly dramatic, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and avoid hiking during or just after torrential rains or typhoons.

For another epic hike in Taroko, check out the Zhuilu Old Trail.

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