Surfing at Sunset Cliffs

Ladera Street - Search Nearby - Added by Gabi Robledo

This is one of best surf breaks in San Diego. The soft, fun point breaks are a beautiful place to surf, especially at dawn and sunset.

This is a fun, soft, A-frame point break with a reef bottom and kelp beds a little deeper than the lineup to keep the waves clean.  Breaks right and a left.  Works even when there's a little bit of wind, but not a lot.  It's best on a  4-6 foot swell and only go on a  mid to low tide.  This is the go to spot when the rest of south county is maxed out (7-8 feet).

The most easily accessible breaks are South Garbage and North Garbage. As you drive along the coast to get there you'll notice plenty of other breaks but you have to figure out a way to get in and out involves.  To get to North Garbage park on the road near the metal staircase identified by a large left bend in the road. From here it's easy to walk down the stairs to get in and out.  Just take caution when getting out of the water via staircase at a mid-high tide or when there's a a lot of swell.  North Garbage is a fat but fun wave.  Great for longboarders and still fun for shortboarders on a 4 foot swell or more.

The other option is to surf South Garbage.  Just past the bend, south of the metal staircase, turn right into a big dirt parking lot overlooking the ocean.  If you get to the University parking lot you went too far.  You'll see roped fence on the cliff's edge.  Step over the ropes and follow the obvious path down to the right  switchbacking left, and down a steeper section where there is a rope to assist you.  From here you'll be on the sand right in front of the break South Garbage which is a perfect point break.  This wave is a tad bit slower than north garbage but rides can get epicly long.

Localism is low here, especially at North Garbage, however the rule always stands in surfing to be respectful at new breaks.


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