Photograph the West Shore of the Salton Sea

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Photograph abandoned resort towns from the 1950's and 1960's along the west shore of the Salton Sea.

If you look at old maps of California you discover there wasn't a Salton Sea. That is not until 1905, when there was an accident, as they were building a canal from the Colorado River to the agricultural area of the Imperial Valley that caused the inland sea to be reborn. Fast forward twenty years and the Salton Sea was soon becoming one of the top resort destinations even surpassing Yosemite during the 1950's. Resort towns were popping up all around the lake. Then over time as with the agricultural run off and lack of an outlet the lake soon become very salty. Fast forward to today, the tourists are pretty much gone but the dilapidated buildings still stand. 

The beach towns of the Desert Shores and Salton Sea Beach are really fun to explore and make for some great photos from abandoned trailers to docks, to massive signs to couches with a view of the lake. If you want to get a glimpse what life was like in the 1950's and 1960's the Salton Sea is a weird but cool place. 


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