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Added by: Sandra Puckett

The Herrera kids many years ago at Arroyo Seco, photo taken by our mother Marie Herrera. My father Jim Herrera's uncle and aunt, John and June Houck ran the camp sites many years ago. We would camp there the whole summer long. Our father Jim Herrera would travel to Big Sur where he worked as a heavy equipment operator on the bridges along highway 101. He would drive back to the camp site everyday after work and would start up the BBQ pit for dinner. My most memorable times were spent there most every summer. When my parents weren't able to find my eldest brother Jimmy Jr we were sure to find him at the dudest colony, which at that time was located in one of the areas there. As us kids grew up we then would take friends and later our own kids there. I remember Boar hunting around the area. Boar hunting was big back then. Just thought I'd share. Thanks, I'm the little girl on the right top of the picture, Then was Sandra Lee Herrera, we lived in Monterey/Carmel California. I now live in Oregon and my name is Sandra Puckett retired Registered Nurse.