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An epic way to see Glacier National Park, that will leave an impact on you forever.

Flying over Glacier National Park in a small airplane is an epic way to see the beautiful scenery of this National Park. If you haven't even been to the park before, it is a great way to see it for the first time, which was the case for me. 

Time: The best time to fly over these majestic mountains would be a sunrise or sunset. At this time, the light is soft which helps you create beautiful images. The sun also illuminates the mountains better than it would during the day, allowing you to see more details of the mountains. 

Conditions: The best condition to fly in would be mostly clear skies, with a little bit of clouds. Those clouds can help capture color at sunset, creating a beautiful end to the day. Just make sure to watch the weather, and make sure it won't be super cloudy, because either the mountains will be partly covered, or the pilot may even cancel the whole flight. 

Photo tips: If you are planning on getting some beautiful images, there are a few tips you should know.

1.) Don't wear super bright or reflective clothing, because it will create glares in the windows. 

2.) Bring a polarizer and lens hood to help cut out any other glare or reflections you may have in the window (if your windows or doors don't open). The polarizer will help cut any reflection on the mountains as well as lakes.

3.) Bring a wide lens and a zoom lens. You want to make sure you get those grand landscape shots, but you will also want close and compressed photos of the layered mountains. 

4.) Take photos of the people in the airplane, including the pilot. It makes for a great story. 

5.) Increase the shutter speed pretty high, to make sure your images are tack sharp. 

The last tip I have for you is to bring a buddy or two and have fun! I am sure it's fun going alone, but this is something you'll want to experience with someone you care about and who can appreciate this beauty the same way you do. 

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