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Stand above the collapsed roof of a massive sea cave filled with sea lions that is only a short drive from the main highway. This can be a quick trip or the launching point for further exploration of Baja California's rugged Pacific coast.

The road from the highway to the coast is packed sand and gravel. Fortunately the marine fog keeps the sand in good condition for traveling over. A 4x4 is not needed to make this drive, but a high ground-clearance is a must. The beach road erodes heavily during the winter months, so proper planning is encouraged.

From Highway 1 in Baja California at kilometer marker 46 south of San Quintin, is the road to the beach. It is usually marked with a blue sign that says "La Lobera" pointing west. There are several other roads that branch off along the way but are clearly less travelled. After two miles from the highway the road will dip into a canyon before going up to the other side and turning right. The last mile winds along a ridge down to a large open area with the sea cave in the center.

Federal law makes all of Mexico's beaches public. You can sit in the stone amphitheater and watch the sea lions below rest from feeding or you can head down the rocks to the shore. At low tide many of the rock shelves and tidal pools become exposed. This is an excellent place to hangout at sunset when light comes into the tunnel and lights up the cave.

When you're done, head back out the way you came. If you drive the 10 minutes back into El Rosario south of the turn off the highway, you must get a lobster burrito and a michelada from Mama Espinozas. 

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