An avid hiker and backpacker from the PNW currently living in Melbourne. I love capturing pictures of all the beautiful places I’ve had the opportunity to visit and I'm always looking for the next park to explore!

Stunning Hike And Amazing Hot Springs

This was such an amazing hike with so many picturesque spots to stop and soak in the mountains, especially in the last 10 kms of the Hike. Definitely make sure to pick a good time to go on the hike - if it’s raining there are lots of land slip areas along the way that have a higher risk of slipping further in the rain. The swing bridges along the way are super fun and take you across a few areas of the trail fairly high up! If you really want to treat yourself at the hut, the Sierra Room is a separate area in the hut for up to four people (3 single, one double bed) with its own shower, stove and kitchenette set apart from the hut. Beautiful hike overall and was a great introduction to overnights in NZ!

A stunning walk

This is a great short walk with some beautiful views of the water and mountains around the area. I walked here in the winter, but looks like it would be a great place to swim during the summer. Definitely a place to check out if you're in Wanaka

Beautiful And Challenging Hike

This was a great hike and a fantastic way to spend a day in Queenstown. The views were spectacular as soon as you reached above the bush line. I definitely recommend crampons even as you approach the saddle as there was lots of ice and slippery snow when I was up there! You can also start from the west of Queenstown of the roundabout where Lake Esplanade turns into Fernhill Road. This portion of the track takes you through the forest and along a river where you can see some waterfalls, though it adds some kms if you're starting from Queenstown.