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This Costa Rican peninsula is situated on the pacific coast and is filled with outdoor water activities like kayaking, stand up paddle board, obstacle courses and more. The landscape also varies from jungle to beach, white sand beaches to dark sand and plenty of cliffs to explore with awesome views. 

Punta Leona is a peninsula located south west of San Jose and Alajuela. Head west towards Punta Arenas, then south on interstate 34. Entering "Parqueo Punta Leona" in your GPS will take you to the right location. 

This parking area will take you to Playa Mantas, This is a dark sand beach with many actives to do. There is a resort on the beach along with boat and kayak rentals and even an inflatable obstacle course in the water. Walking the beach, west towards the peninsula will lead you to a small crossing, that can only be done during low tide, where you will cross from Playa Manatas to Playa Blanca which is the other beach on the peninsula.

Playa Blanca is the prettier of the two beaches, this beach boasts white sands and turquoise waters. There is significantly less outdoor water activities on this beach but it is much more scenic. 

People can go out on the peninsula cliffs and rocks at their own discretion, I recommend it for those adventurous souls out there. There are tidal pools on the rocky coast, in between the two beaches, that you could explore for hours, and sunsets on Playa Blanca are out of this world. 

NOTICE -  while out exploring it is not recommended that you leave valuables unattended, so make sure to lock valuables in the car or under the care of a friend or family member. 

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