Visit the Slangkop Lighthouse

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Explore the wild coast near Kommetjie and check out the Slangkop Lighthouse nearby. Built around 1917, the Slangkop Lighthouse can be seen twirling its light through the fog most nights along the Soetwater and Noordhoek coasts, and is an easy to visit tourist attraction.

After parking in the dirt parking lot, you can simply walk over to the lighthouse (if it's open) and talk to the kind staff there who might let you in for a peek (or a small fee).

Otherwise, you can be content with walking around it and taking some photos as you head down the boardwalk trail nearby.

This trail heads all the way back around to Kommetjie and offers stunning views of the ocean. Keep in mind that it can get super windy by the lighthouse (especially during the winter months) and the rocks can be particularly slippery.

After checking out the trail and the lighthouse, head back in to Kommetjie and grab a bite to eat or drink at The Green Room. They have outstanding nachos!

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