Hike to Barney Lake in Hoover Wilderness


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    Distance: 8 Miles. Elevation Gain: 1170 Feet. Duration: 1 day. Relatively easy hike or trail run with incredible views. Ends at a sandy beached lake with mountain views.

    Barney Lake makes for an incredible day hike or trail run, but is also very accessible for camping.

    Start at the trailhead near the Mono Village Resort at Twin Lakes and follow the Robinson Creek Trail. If you plan on hiking during the winter, the resort will be closed and you will have to park at the entrance and walk in. This 4 mile hike takes you up Robinson Creek through aspen forest with stunning views of the Sawtooth Range and Matterhorn Peak. Barney lake has a wonderful sandy beach on the northeastern side that gives you a view of snow capped peaks. If you are feeling ambitious, Peeler lake is another 4.5 miles up the same trail.

    The trail is relatively buggy in late spring and early summer, but almost completely clears up mid July.

    From the trail you can see one of the biggest granite walls in the High Sierras called the Incredible Hulk.

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    Nice Trail, But…

    with the spectacular landscape just 4 miles further up into Yosemite, Barney Lake should be a rest stop for your push on to Peeler Lake and then into Kerrick Meadow.

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