The Best Camping in Washington

Backpack to Spade and Venus Lakes

Washington / Salmon La Sac Trailhead

Nestled in a high rocky cirque near the upper reaches of Mt Daniel, Spade and Venus Lakes are two of the most remote lakes in the Alpine Lake Wilderness.

Jason Zabriskie
1595 Saves

Hike to Goldmyer Hot Springs

Washington / Goldmyer Hot Springs

Goldmyer Hot Springs is a beautiful little gem nestled within the wilderness of the stunning Cascade Mountains.

Hike to Winchester Mountain Fire Lookout

Washington / Twin Lakes Trailhead

Winchester Mountain is said to have the greatest reward for least amount of effort in all the North Cascades. One of the last fire-lookouts in the region stands on the summit.

Beau Ramsey
1190 Saves

Spend a Night at TreeHouse Point

Washington / TreeHouse Point

This is one of the most magical and romantic places on the planet to get a good night's rest. You'll find that words will escape you when it comes to describing how this place makes you feel.

Michael Wigle
1125 Saves

Backpack Park Butte

Washington / Park Butte Trail

Looking for somewhere to backpack or capture the Milky Way on the west slope of the Cascades? Look no further than Park Butte. With some of the best views of Mt.

Derek Cook
982 Saves

Hike to Olympic Hot Springs

Washington / Olympic Hot Springs Trailhead

A local favorite, this moderate day hike winds its way uphill from the Appleton Pass trailhead through old growth stands of fir, hemlock and cedar for 2.

Matt Williams
977 Saves

Explore Palouse Falls

Washington / Palouse Falls State Park

Back in early 2014, a group of fifth-graders from nearby Washtucna, Washington were able to convince the governor to name Palouse Falls the official State Waterfall.

Mitch Pittman
823 Saves

Camp at Second Beach in Olympic NP

Washington / Second Beach

Second Beach is recognized as one of Olympic National Park’s crown jewels, and its views and surroundings don’t disappoint.

Michael Matti
754 Saves

4 Day Backpacking Trip in the Enchantments

Washington / Snow Lakes Trailhead

The Alpine Lakes Wilderness named “The Enchantments” draws explorers from all over the world.

Rose Freeman
739 Saves

Hike to Hidden Lake Lookout

Washington / Hidden Lake Trail

Be careful when heading up this 4.5 mile trail since there can be snow coverage into the summer. When you start the trail, you'll get a little tree coverage as you start climbing up.

Christin Healey
724 Saves

Camp on Orcas Island

Washington / Obstruction Pass State Park

When your ferry ports at Orca, make your way to Obstruction State Park on the east side of the island. The trail head breaks off in two directions. The fastest way to the campground is the 0.

Aaron White
619 Saves

Hike to Park Butte Lookout

Washington / Park Butte Trail

This place is really the stuff of fairy tales.

Mitch Pittman
592 Saves

Hike to Blanca Lake

Washington / Blanca Lake Trail

Take US Hwy 2 east from Monroe to just past the town of Skykomish. Turn left on to FR 65 and drive past the Beckler River Campground.

Mikaela Tangeman
546 Saves

Hike to Evergreen Mountain Lookout

Washington / Evergreen Mountain Lookout

This is a relatively short hike, at only 2.6 miles round trip, that takes you up to the nearly 5600 foot summit. The hike may be short but it is extremely steep, gaining 1300ft in the 1.

Michael Matti
494 Saves

Explore the Hoh Rainforest and Hall Of Mosses

Washington / Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center

Starting at the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center, take the only trail out into the forest itself. After a few hundred yards there will be a sign pointing you in the direction of the Hall Of Mosses.

Jeff Richards
455 Saves

Camp & Hike at the Deception Pass Headlands

Washington / Deception Pass State Park

THE TRAIL: On the north side of the bridge, you'll come across Rosario Rd. Take this down to the Bowman Bay parking lot and your trailhead begins here.

Backpack to Marmot and Jade Lakes

Washington / Deception Pass Trailhead

The road in is passable with basically any vehicle, though there are some potholes to be avoided. Start at the Deception Pass Trailhead near the parking lot. There is a quick and easy 4.

Colin Ayers
429 Saves

Camp Forlorn Lakes & Explore Guler Ice Cave

Washington / Forlorn Lakes Campground

Camp at scenic and easily-accessible Forlorn Lakes, where the 25 campsites ($10/night) are both isolated and roomy.

Dan Moe
416 Saves

Camp at First Beach

Washington / First Beach, La Push

La Push is an absolutely magical place to stay. Experience the tranquility and natural beauty of the rugged coastline of the mighty Pacific.

Ian Tyley
412 Saves

Hike Skyline Divide

Washington / Skyline Divide

If driving 13 miles on a forest road, and hiking miles of switchbacks doesn't bother you, your in for one of the most exquisite views that you can get from hiking in Washington state.

Derek Cook
406 Saves

Backpack Anderson and Watson Lake

Washington / Anderson and Watson Lake Trail

The drive up was easy, but at the end it gets a little tricky - the service road is sharp gravel and runs for about 10 miles to the trailhead.

Holly Singh
361 Saves

Backpack to Gem Lake, WA

Washington / Gem Lake Trailhead, WA

This hike shares the trailhead for Snow lake at the Alpental Ski area in Snoqualmie Pass. You'll start out with a great warm up, walking through dense green underbrush and a brief wooded area.

Felix Madrid
358 Saves

Hike to Hawk Creek Cave

Washington / Hawk Creek Trailhead

The ancient rock walls, cave, and falls of Hawk Creek provide an unreal day hike experience! The best time to hike to Hawk Creek cave is early spring/summer before the water level of Lake Roosevelt .

Rose Freeman
354 Saves

Backpack Indian Heaven to Blue Lake

Washington / Thomas Lake Trailhead

Crowds and mosquitoes were nonexistent as we went a bit early in the season. The trails were all covered in snow, but we were able to do some way finding with a GPS and topo map. 3.

Vic Garcia
352 Saves

Backpack the High Divide and 7 Lakes Basin

Washington / Sol Duc Falls Trailhead

A day spent plying the trails of the High Divide in Olympic National Park changes an outdoorsman.

Nick Lake
344 Saves

Backpack Ancient Lakes

Washington / Quincy Wildlife Recreation Area

On the hunt for a dry, scenic backpack during a weekend of dreary, wet, early September weather in the mountains, we decided to head toward the high desert outside of Quincy, WA.

Jason Zabriskie
330 Saves

Backpack to Upper Lena Lake

Washington / Lena Lake Trail #810

The hike to Upper Lena Lake is a beautiful one. It first takes you past Lena Lake, which is a very popular weekend destination for families.

Tara Warolin
319 Saves

Backpack Along Rialto Beach

Washington / Pacific NW Trail

Before you start this hike, you'll need to pick up a permit at the Wilderness Information Center in Port Angeles, WA - (360) 565-3100.

Greg Balkin
316 Saves

Hike to Lewis River Falls

Washington / Lower Falls Campground

Distance: 5.

Lorene Voskinarian
311 Saves

Backpack to Snow Lake

Washington / Bench and Snow Lakes Trail

Snow Lake is a beautiful lake in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. You can do the 2.6 mile roundtrip hike to the lake as either a day trip or as a backcountry camp.

Michael Matti
301 Saves

Snowshoe and Camp at Skyline Lake

Washington / Skyline Lake Trail

This 2.5 mile roundtrip hike with a little over 1,000 feet of elevation gain is a great winter trip for beginners.

Beau Ramsey
292 Saves

Camp at Takhlakh Lake

Washington / Takhlakh Lake

Takhlakh Lake is located 7 miles NW of Mt Adams with a 53 site campground on the west side of the lake as well as a day use picnic area.

Angela Service
284 Saves

Backpack the Siouxon Trail

Washington / Siouxon Creek Trail

When you park at the top of the trail, all you see is layers and layers of emerald trees and ground clear of any underbrush.

Missy Fant
284 Saves

Hike Heather-Maple Pass Loop

Washington / Maple Pass Loop

Note to any hikers taking on this trail, this is a non-repeating trail meaning it goes in a big loop. The trailhead has 2 trail points of entrance.

Mikaela Tangeman
278 Saves

Summit Mount St. Helens via Worm Flows

Washington / Marble Mountain Sno Park

The Worm Flow Route, starting at Marble Mountain Sno Park, is the most direct winter route up to the summit. You'll start at around 2,700 feet and begin a steady walk along the trail for 2 miles.

Greg Balkin
272 Saves

Backpack to Sahale Glacier Camp

Washington / Cascade Pass Trailhead

As an initial note, to spend an overnight at Sahale Glacier Camp, you need to obtain a permit at the North Cascades Ranger Station in Marblemount, Washington.

Scott Kranz
269 Saves

Backpack to Mount Margaret's Ridge Camp

Washington / South Coldwater Trail

The hike is relatively easy. I'd say intermediate due to the incline at the beginning. Also intermediate due to it being an backpacking camp adventure.

Andy Best
259 Saves

Backpack the Cutthroat Lakes

Washington / Walt Bailey Trailhead

Along the Mountain Loop Highway, past the crowds crawling over Mt. Pilchuck, lies the muddy, unkempt Walt Bailey Trail into a verdant subalpine basin speckled with tiny tarns.

Nick Lake
253 Saves

Camp at Cape Disappointment

Washington / Cape Disappointment

Don't let the name fool you, this over 1,700 acre state park offers plenty for the outdoor enthusiast. The cape was named by explorer John Meares after a failed attempt to enter the Columbia River.

Angela Service
252 Saves

Summit Dock Butte (5,239')

Washington / Dock Butte Trail

Dock Butte is an easy hike offering truly spectacular 360 degree views of the Mt. Baker region. In summer this summit can be done as an easy walk up.

Beau Ramsey
251 Saves

Hike to the Summit of Mount Adams via South Climb

Washington / South Climb Trailhead

Start by checking in at the Trout Lake Ranger station to pick up a Cascade Volcanoes pass for $10-$15. Continue the South Climb trailhead at the Cloud Cap Campground.

Jeffrey Helbling
246 Saves

Day Hike to Lila Lakes and Alta Pass

Washington / Rachel Lake Trail

Getting There From Seattle, drive Interstate 90 to Exit 62, Signed Kachess Lake/Stampede Pass. Turn left and head north over the interstate; you'll reach Kachess Lake Campground in five miles.

Nathan Wall
240 Saves

Camp at Dougan Falls

Washington / Dougan Creek Campground

Does camping right next to an epic swimming hole sound like a pretty good way to spend a hot summer weekend? If so, you need to add Dougan Creek Campground to your list of weekend getaways.

Jennifer Heifferon
236 Saves

Winter Backpack to the Summit of Mt. Dickerman

Washington / Mount Dickerman Trailhead

In general, this is a strenuous hike or snowshoe at approximately 8 miles round trip with nearly 4000 elevation gain. Be aware of current snow conditions and avalanche risk.

Scott Kranz
233 Saves

Backpack the Enchantments

Washington / Stuart Lake Trailhead

There are a couple different ways to tackle this hike through the stunning Central Cascade region. I recommend checking out this handy resource for more detailed info.

Sam Patterson
230 Saves

Backpack the Olympic Coast

Washington / Third Beach Trailhead

Starting at Third Beach trailhead, hike 1.5 miles through lush forests to Third Beach. Once at Third Beach, follow the trail until you find a latter to pull yourself up the bluff.

Angela Anderson
218 Saves

Backpack the Summerland Trail

Washington / Summerland Trail

The Summerland trail is by far the easiest trail that I ever experienced.

Warren Behymer
217 Saves

Explore Cape Flattery and Hobuck Beach

Washington / Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery, the most northwesterly point of the lower contiguous 48 states is accessed via an easy trail which includes many board walks and sets of stairs.

John Sunich
217 Saves

Hike Yellow Aster Butte and Tomyhoi Peak

Washington / Yellow Aster Butte Trail

The best way to describe the location is due east of Bellingham.

Alex Tande
214 Saves

Day Hike to Lake Ingalls

Washington / Lake Ingalls Trail

From the parking lot you start out on an old miners road that leads to the trail.

Jason Horstman
214 Saves

The Enchantments Mountain Run

Washington / Snow Lake Trail

At the Snow Lake Trail, you start at a elevation of 1400 feet and run up to Nada Lake 5000 feet at 5.6 miles. From here, you make your way to Lower and Upper Snow Lake, 2.2 miles.

Warren Behymer
210 Saves

Summit Mount St. Helens via Monitor Ridge

Washington / Climber's Bivouac

Monitor Ridge is the "easiest" of the routes one can take in order to claim that they have stood on top the sleeping giant better known as Mount St. Helens.

Matt Klemsz
210 Saves

Hike to Goat Lake, Goat Rocks Wilderness

Washington / Walupt Lake Trail

The trip to Goat Lake starts at the Walupt Lake campground parking lot.

Felix Madrid
205 Saves

Hike to Upper Palisades Lake

Washington / Sunrise Point Parking Lot

Park at the Sunrise Point parking lot and find the Palisades Trail at the northeast corner of the parking lot.

John Chau
205 Saves

Climb Three Corner Rock

Washington / Three Corner Rock Trailhead

Begin the short hike to Three Corner Rock by heading south on the Pacific Crest Trail from its crossing of Road CG 2090. After a steady 1.

Dan Moe
205 Saves

Backpack to Mason Lake via Ira Spring

Washington / Ira Spring Trail

Ira Spring trail offers up great views prior to reaching the ridge that you go over to reach Mason Lake.

Scott Kranz
205 Saves

Backpack the Wonderland Trail

Washington / Paradise Ranger Station

Possibly one of the greatest loop hikes in the Lower 48, this trail sees a lot of use. You won't be alone out there, but opportunities for solitude are abundant with a little effort.

Dan Ransom
201 Saves

Backpack to Vesper Peak

Washington / Vesper Peak Trailhead

This hike is very strenuous, but nothing unconquerable! The views at sunset were once in a lifetime and something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Catalina Salazar
201 Saves

Backpack to Snow Lakes

Washington / Snow Lakes Trailhead

Known primarily as one of the entrance routes to the Enchantments, the trek to Snow Lakes is a beautiful area to set up base camp or to simply enjoy on its own.

Hike to Spray Park

Washington / Mowich Lake Campground

The trailhead to Spray Park begins at the Mowich Lake Campground (4,929 ft). You'll begin descending quickly for the first 0.1 miles until you reach the Wonderland Trail junction.

Greg Balkin
199 Saves

Camp on Blake Island

Washington / Argosy Seattle Waterfront

There are 2 ways to get to Blake Island: private boat or via the Argosy Cruises tour boat (or if you're ambitious, I guess you can swim there!).

Nic Morgan
198 Saves

Camp at Camp Long

Washington / Camp Long

Looking for a camping adventure without even having to leave Seattle? Camp Long is the perfect option for beginning campers, families, or anyone who just wants to spend some time in nature without ha.

Camping in the North Cascades at Diablo Lake

Washington / Colonial Creek Campground

Diablo lake is the perfect place to camp if you're looking for solitude and natural beauty. It's northeast from Seattle in the North Cascades.

Megan Trudell
190 Saves

Backpack Spider Gap to Buck Creek Pass

Washington / Phelps Creek Trailhead

Backpacking the Spider Gap to Buck Creek Pass Loop in the Glacier Peak Wilderness is no easy task, but yields some of the most spectacular views found in Washington.

Nick Lake
186 Saves

Hike to Table Mountain via Artist Point

Washington / Artist Point

The hike takes off from the Artist Point parking lot at an elevation of 5,220 feett.

Evan Skoczenski
186 Saves

Backpack to Rainy Lake

Washington / Rainy Lake Trailhead

This is an abandoned trail that heads south along Rainy Creek, off of the downstream section of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trail, and up to Rainy Lake.

Colton Jacobs
185 Saves

Hike to Gobbler's Knob

Washington / Lake George Trail

Entering the Park from the Southwest Entrance, bear left when you approach the forking Westside Rd. This road has been closed a few miles in due to massive rockfall.

Stephen Matera
181 Saves

Backpack to Lake Caroline in the Enchantments

Washington / Eightmile Lake Trailhead

From Leavenworth, WA head down Icicle Creek road and head to the Eightmile Lake Trailhead. The backpack starts at roughly 3270 feet of elevation and the highest point of the hike is 6300 feet.

Jarad Switzer
179 Saves

Hike Silver Star Mountain via Grouse Vista

Washington / Grouse Vista Trailhead

The Grouse Vista Trailhead is located through the town of Washougal off of highway 14 just past Camas.

Ted S
179 Saves

Hike-In and Camp at Alaska Lake

Washington / Gold Creek Trail

Driving Directions: From Seattle drive east on I-90 to exit 54 (signed "Hyak"). Turn left (north) under the freeway and right on the frontage road marked "Gold Creek." After about 0.

Warren Behymer
176 Saves

Hike Thornton Lakes & Trappers Peak

Washington / Thornton Lake Trail

To get to your campground or to Trappers Peak, hike roughly five miles along the trail to ridge, where the trail divides. If you head left you'll go down into lake basis where you can drop your gear.

Scott Kranz
175 Saves

Backpack to Lake Angeles

Washington / Heart O' the Hills Trailhead

Lake Angeles is, rightfully, a popular day hike and overnight backpacking option, as its one of the larger, more accessible lakes in Olympic National Park.

Nick Lake
172 Saves

Winter Backpack to Jade Lake

Washington / Hyas Lake Trailhead

Starting at the Hyas Lake trailhead north of Cle Elum, it's a meandering easy hike through the woods for about 5.0 miles up to Deception Pass.

Matt England
171 Saves

Hike to Eunice Lake in Mt. Rainier NP

Washington / Mowich Lake Campground

Starting out from the beautiful Mowich Lake (4,929 ft), this hike takes you through some of Mt. Rainier Nation Park's best scenery.

Jacob Sacquitne
163 Saves

Hike to Elk Mountain from Obstruction Point

Washington / Obstruction Point Trailhead

Olympic National Park is built for someone with a week or more to spare for backpacking deep into the heart of the park's endless miles of wilderness.

Seth Whelden
163 Saves

Backpack the Pacific Crest Trail's Section J: Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass

Washington / Tunnel Creek Trailhead

This is the Section J hike of the Pacific Crest Trail between Stevens and Snoqualmie Pass. It is about a 70 mile hike, and I started near Stevens Pass heading South.

Nikki Lyman
162 Saves

Camp at Salt Creek

Washington / Salt Creek Campground

This county park is great for day use or overnight camping. Half the campsites are about 20 feet from the water, so you can hear waves crashing on the rocks as you sleep.

Maddie Davenport
162 Saves

Camp at Deer Park Campground

Washington / Deer Park Campground, Olympic National Park

Deer Park Campground is really a hidden gem. With an elevation of 5,400 feet, the campground has amazing views of Olympic National Park, making you feel like you are camping above the clouds.

Hike to Lower Curtiss Glacier and Camp at Lake Ann

Washington / Lake Ann Trailhead

The trail begins just below Artist Point and is well marked from a paved parking lot. Make sure to have a Northwest Forest Pass for your vehicle.

Tara Warolin
159 Saves

Take a Hike Up To Rampart Lakes

Washington / Rachel Lake Trail

Getting There: From I-90 East, take exit 62. Take a left, heading over the highway. After 5.2 miles, the road veers left, passing Lake Kachess Campground. Go another 0.

Warren Behymer
159 Saves

Backpack to Snow Lake by Mt. Whittier

Washington / Lakes Trail #211

The Coldwater Lake Recreation Area has restrooms, telephones, and a picnic area. Make sure you have already acquired your permits for camping in the Mt. Margaret back country.

Tara Warolin
154 Saves

Backpack to Tatoosh Peak

Washington / Tatoosh Ridge Trailhead

Bordering Mt. Rainier National Park and situated in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the Tatoosh Wilderness is a great place to explore if you want unparalleled views of Mt.

Climb Mt. Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver

Washington / Paradise Ranger Station

Mt. Rainier is a technical climb on all routes and is covered with glaciers all four seasons.

Bernice Ngo
138 Saves

Hike to Barclay Lake

Washington / Barclay Lake Trailhead

With less than 500 feet of total elevation and 4.

Michael Gabbert
136 Saves

Hike the Skyline Loop in Mt. Rainier NP

Washington / Skyline Trail

The trailhead to Skyline Trail is located at the north side of the upper parking lot near the Visitor Center and Paradise Inn.

Jared Blitz
134 Saves

Backpacking the Lyman Lakes

Washington / Phelps Creek Trailhead

Start out on the Phelps Creek Trail toward Spider Meadows/ Phelps Basin, it's roughly 7 miles to Phelps Basin but really easy going.

Jeff Carlson
133 Saves

Backpack to Upper Wildcat Lake

Washington / Snow Lake Trail

Although this hike is possible if you’re looking for an all-day training hike, it’s much more enjoyable if it’s an overnight backpacking trip. Head up the trail past Snow Lake toward Gem Lake.

Scott Kranz
131 Saves

Hike to Snow Lake, WA

Washington / Snow Lake Trail

This hike gets crowded fairly quickly so get there early. The parking lot is very large so parking is not really a problem.

Austin Johnson
131 Saves

Climb Mount Stuart

Washington / Esmerelda Basin Trail

Global climbing legend Fred Beckey once said, "[Mount Stuart is] without a rival as the crown peak in the central Cascades of Washington, Mount Stuart has been pronounced the single greatest mass of .

Tobin Akehurst
129 Saves

Adventuring in the Frenchman Coulee

Washington / Frenchman Coulee

Occupying a cluster of desert canyons and mesas perched atop the cliffs overlooking the eastern bank of the mighty Columbia River, the Frenchman Coulee is a rock climber’s paradise.

Nick Lake
128 Saves

Backpack Washington's Ozette Triangle

Washington / Ozette Triangle Trailhead

Start at the north end of Ozette Lake and proceed right, following signs to the mostly flat trail leading to Cape Alava.

Connor Smith
126 Saves

Night Photography at Colchuck Lake

Washington / Colchuck Lake Trail

This is an incredible backpacking trip that leads to amazing locations for night time photography.

Warren Behymer
124 Saves

Backpack to Surprise Lake

Washington / Surprise Lake Trailhead

Take Road 1000 to start your hike at Conrad Meadows, which is also where you will park your car, be sure to leave your Northwest Forest Pass properly displayed on the dash of your car before you leav.

Katie Ryan
123 Saves

Backpack the White Pass-Pilot Ridge Loop

Washington / North Fork Sauk River Trailhead

This loop has it all - beautiful old growth forest, along the river, alpine lakes, giant peaks all around, and a myriad offering of side trips to truly make it your own.

Backpack and Camp at Shi Shi Beach

Washington / Shi Shi Beach Parking

Introduction:My friends and I decided to head out to the Pacific Northwest (PNW) from Philadelphia to do some backpacking and beach camping.

Chris DeAntonio
120 Saves

Backpack to Lake Lillian

Washington / Lillian Lake Trail

We backpacked our way to Lillian Lake and set up camp. There is a trail that lead around the lake and a trail that leads up to Rampart Lakes and Rachael Lake as well.

Warren Behymer
114 Saves

Run to Lower Wildcat Lake

Washington / Snow Lake Trail

Friday after work I headed out to Snow Lake Trail and found my perfect camping spot.

Warren Behymer
112 Saves

Hike Through History Along the Elwha River

Washington / Whiskey Bend Trailhead

The Elwha River Trail cuts south into the heart of Olympic National Park along a densely forested valley, following the same route taken by some of the earliest explorers of the Olympic Peninsula at .

Nick Lake
112 Saves

Hike the Annette Lake Trail in All Seasons

Washington / Annette Lake Trail

Getting There From Seattle, drive east on I-90 to exit 47 (Asahel Curtis/Denny Creek). Turn right from the offramp and continue 0.25 miles, then turn left on Forest Road 5590.

Warren Behymer
111 Saves

Backpack the Hoh River Trail

Washington / Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center

Grab a permit on your way in at the Wilderness Information Center (WIC) in Port Angeles or at the Quinault USFS/NFS Recreation Information center before parking at the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center .

Andrew Sporrer
109 Saves

Winter Backpack to Blanca Lake

Washington / Blanca Lake Trail

Since Blanca Lake is a very popular place for folks to explore and with the nice and sunny weekend. I drove out Friday night and slept in my Jeep.

Warren Behymer
107 Saves

Backpack to Headlight Basin and Lake Ingalls

Washington / Esmerelda Basin Trail

The hike to Lake Ingalls is arguably one of the most popular in Washington, particularly during the fall when the larches turn and become ablaze in bright yellow.

Backpack to Toleak Point

Washington / Third Beach Trailhead

Start off hiking down to the very popular Third Beach, starting from the Third Beach TH near La Push, WA.

Erik Turner
103 Saves

Camp at Third Beach

Washington / Third Beach Trailhead

Third Beach trailhead is off of La Push road and is 4 hours outside of Seattle anyway you cut it.

Andrew Sporrer
103 Saves

Chillin at Darrington Bluegrass Festival

Washington / Darrington Bluegrass Music Park

Every year people from all over the world travel to Darrington WA to sit back, relax and listen to Bluegrass.

Holly Singh
103 Saves

Hike to Lake Deer via Lake Dorothy Trailhead

Washington / Lake Dorothy Trailhead

Start off by traveling along Highway 2 and turning towards the Money Creek Campground. Turn off onto Forest Road 6410 and follow that to the Lake Dorothy Trailhead (about 9 miles).

Bryan Carroll
101 Saves

Camp at Goat Lake

Washington / Goat Lake Trailhead

If you just loved your day hike to Goat Lake so much that you want to return and spend some more time, you're in luck - the lake offers a camping area that holds at least 15 campsites and even comes .

Hike Alta Mountain

Washington / Rachel Lake Trail

Start off at Trail #1313 to Rachel Lake. The first 2.5 miles is a flat, slow uphill hike till you get to a river crossing. From there, the next 1.

Warren Behymer
97 Saves

Hike to Pine & Cedar Lakes

Washington / Pine & Cedar Lakes Trailhead

These two quaint lakes in the Chuckanuts are a must-do for people looking for a day hike, short camping trip or steep trail run in the Bellingham area.

Katrina Dank
97 Saves

Hike and Camp at James Island

Washington / James Island State Park

If you're looking for a weekend camping getaway to a small San Juan Island and you have a boat of substantial size or experience sea kayaking, this is the adventure for you! Launch your boat from Wa.

Rose Freeman
94 Saves

Climb Mt. Shuksan via The Fisher Chimneys

Washington / Austin Pass Trailhead

Out of all of the ruggedly beautiful, non-volcanic mountains in the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Shuksan is the center piece. Rising to a height of 9,131 feet, Mt.

Jacob Moon
94 Saves

Backpack to North Lake via Independence Lake

Washington / Independence and North Lakes Trail

North Lake is everything you could want in a subalpine lake: emerald green hues, cold, clear water, lots of brook trout and far from cell-phone reception.

Nick Lake
92 Saves

Backpack to Ingalls Creek

Washington / Ingalls Creek Trail head

As attempting to find a good overnight spot, I stumbled upon the mostly overlooked Ingalls Creek trail. Seemingly easy to get to, this seemed like a solid option for Spring camping.

brian cash
92 Saves

Hike to Sprite Lake

Washington / Paddy-Go-Easy Pass Trailhead

Getting There From Roslyn head north for about 15 miles on Salmon La Sac Road. Veer right where the pavement ends onto Cle Elum Valley Rd (FS 4330) for an additional nine miles.

Nathan Wall
90 Saves

Winter Camp at Glacier Vista

Washington / Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center

It's always a good idea to check the weather, but when it comes to getting a peak at Mt. Rainier you might be better off just showing up and hoping for a miracle.

Lucas Boland
90 Saves

Winter Camp at Nada Lake

Washington / Snow Lakes Trailhead

Being one of the lucky recipients of an Enchantments overnight permit can't happen for everybody.

Lucas Boland
89 Saves

Winter Backpack Below Chair Peak

Washington / Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Hike or snowshoe to the ridge below Chair Peak and above Snow Lake and camp among numerous Snoqualmie Pass peaks.

Scott Kranz
88 Saves

Visit Kamiak Butte Park

Washington / Kamiak Butte County Park

Formerly a Washington State Park, Kamiak Butte County Park is a hidden treasure on the eastern border of the state.

Jason Hatfield
84 Saves

Winter Ascent of Trappers Peak

Washington / Thornton Lake Trail

North Cascade National Park is home to some of the most rugged and remote mountains in the lower 48 states.

Jacob Moon
83 Saves

Backpack to Chilean Memorial

Washington / Rialto Beach

Backpacking on the Olympic Coast is an awesome way to spend a weekend. The scenery is rugged and wild.

Wells Preston
83 Saves

Hike to Cape Alava

Washington / N Sand Point Trailhead

Drive along Highway 101 to the most upper-western part of Washington's coast to find secluded beaches Plan Ahead || Research the location of your trip and check if the timing is feasible.

Tammy Matixonh
81 Saves

Winter Backpack to Artist Point

Washington / Mount Baker Ski Area

You do need a Northwest Forest Pass to park in the lot overnight.

Sonja Saxe
81 Saves

Backpack the Easton Glacier Railroad Grade

Washington / Park Butte Trail

Begin at the Park Butte trailhead, trail 603. Hike past the first Scott Paul trail sign a few hundred feet from the trailhead.

Stephen Matera
80 Saves

Hike to Gem Lake

Washington / Snow Lake Trailhead

The trail to Gem Lake lies along the same trail that passes by the incredibly popular Snow Lake.

Shelby Pothier
79 Saves

Winter Hike to Winchester Mountain

Washington / Twin Lakes Trailhead

Despite this trip report being titled "to Winchester Mountain", the fun doesn’t stop there.

Climb Mount Adams North Cleaver Route

Washington / Killen Creek Trailhead

Mt Adams is the second tallest volcano in the Cascades and is one of the easiest to climb.

Devin K
79 Saves

Summit Black Peak

Washington / Heather-Maple Pass Loop Trailhead

Starting at the Heather-Maple Pass Loop Trailhead, jump onto the trail that will take you counter-clockwise along the loop. After about 1.

Bryan Carroll
77 Saves

Ski Tour the Enchantments

Washington / Stuart Lake Trailhead

The Enchantments is one of the most beautiful spots in Washington, but rarely visited outside the summer months, when access is merely difficult.

Mitch Pittman
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Hike Steamboat Rock

Washington / Steamboat Rock Trail

Steamboat Rock is a 600 acre basalt butte that rises 800 feet out of Banks Lake. The butte was carved out of the surrounding rock during the Great Missoula Floods.

Kim Morris
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Camp and Trail Run from Tuscohatchie Lake

Washington / Pratt Lake Trail

This is a beginner to intermediate hike, at the first mile the trail has it first break where you can go up to the Lookout.

Warren Behymer
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Backcountry Skiing Near Mt. Baker

Washington / Heather Meadows Parking Area

Park at Heather Meadows parking lot at Mount Baker Ski Resort and follow the Blueberry cat-track, which is actually a paved road in the summer, leading south up for 2 miles passing Austin Pass and co.

Angela Anderson
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Bouldering in Icicle Creek

Washington / Icicle Creek

Icicle Creek in Leavenworth is widely known for it's awesome bouldering and top roping spots. The only difficult thing is finding the boulders you want to climb.

Holly Singh
69 Saves

Backpack to Navaho Pass

Washington / Stafford Creek Trailhead

This is a beautiful trail in the Teanaway area, located in Washington State. The trailhead starts along the Stafford Creek Trail and follows the creek for the first couple miles of the trail.

Cammeron Evans
69 Saves

Camp and Trail Run from Rainbow Lake

Washington / Ira Spring Trail

I backpacked to and setup basecamp at Rainbow Lake and then I ran over to Island Lake. After enjoying the peace and quite I ran up to the top of Bandera Mountain and enjoyed the views.

Warren Behymer
66 Saves

Hike to Lookout Mountain Lookout

Washington / Lookout Mountain Trailhead

Beginning about 7 miles down the Cascade River Road from Marblemount, the Lookout Mountain Lookout trailhead is on the north side of the road with parking for about 4-5 cars.

Laura Heinritz
64 Saves

Camp at Hoh Oxbow Campground

Washington / Hoh OxBow Campground

This small campground is found right off of Highway 101 about a mile and a half south of the turn off to the Hoh Rainforest, on the east side of the highway between mile post 176 and 177.

Snowshoe to Colchuck Lake

Washington / Colchuck Lake Trail

From Leavenworth, head south on Icicle Creek rd for 8.2 miles until you reach USFS rd 7601.

Katie and Kevin
63 Saves

Winter Backpack to Lake Anne Ridge

Washington / Heather Meadows Parking Area

Arrive at the upper ski resort parking lot (approx. 4300 feet elev.) and snowshoe, skin, or split board up.

Scott Kranz
62 Saves

Hike Grand Park and Lake Eleanor

Washington / Grand Park

Prepare in advance to hold your jaw from dropping. Stunning views of Mt. Rainier await visitors of Grand Park. A quick jaunt through the forest via the trailhead leads first to Lake Eleanor.

Kurtis Evans
62 Saves

Camping at French Cabin Creek Rd.

Washington / Lake Cle Elum

This area is a very secluded camp area, so unless it's a holiday weekend, be prepared to be alone :) It is a very quiet lake and along the roadside there are plenty of spots to hike, camp, and fish b.

Mikaela Tangeman
62 Saves

Hit the Denny Creek Trail to Kaleetan Lake

Washington / Denny Creek Trail

If you want to visit multiple lakes, get a view of or tackle a peak at Kaleetan, Chair and Bryant, campgrounds for overnight or weekend adventures, fish in the lakes, explore off the trail and natura.

Warren Behymer
59 Saves

Backpack the Goat Lake-Jordan Basin Loop

Washington / Berry Patch Trailhead

This is one of my favorite hikes for Washington State. Aside from the massive volcanoes hanging out down here, the southern region of the cascades is much more tame compared to areas further north.

Cammeron Evans
59 Saves

Hike to Cutthroat Pass

Washington / Cutthroat Pass via Cutthroat Lake

Looking for a distinctive high-country hike just east of the pass? Cutthroat Pass is a hearty day hike perfect for gaining elevation and views with every step.

Emily Noyd
58 Saves

Climb Mt. Baker via Squak Glacier

Washington / Squak and Easton Glacier Climbing Route Trailhead

NOTE: THIS ROUTE REQUIRES GLACIER TRAVEL SKILLS Mt Baker, or Kulshan, is a remarkable mountain in northwest Washington.

Devin K
57 Saves

Camp at Cooper Lake

Washington / Cooper Lake

The Owhi Campground on Cooper Lake is tucked away in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest near Salmon La Sac.

Eric Harris
56 Saves

Hike to Hawkeye Point

Washington / Hawkeye Point Trailhead

Starting at the parking lot, the trail is fairly easy. In getting closer to the ridge there are a few steep spots.

Doug McClay
54 Saves

Snowshoe to Park Butte

Washington / Park Butte Trail

From Highway 20 in Concrete, take a left on Baker River Rd (USFS #11). Follow to USFS #12, then USFS #13 which dead-ends at the trailhead (#603).

Emily Noyd
52 Saves

Getaway to Silver Lake Resort

Washington / Silver Lake Resort

This resort sits right on Silver Lake, which makes it easy to do multiple activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating.

Jameson Jones
51 Saves

Kayak Camp on Jones Island

Washington / Friday Harbor

The San Juan Islands are a gorgeous collection of islands situated 90 miles from Seattle.

Michael Gabbert
49 Saves

Summit Mount Rainier via the Muir Route

Washington / Paradise Ranger Station

Starting at 5,400ft at Paradise Inn parking lot, the hike begins. Stops and breaks vary on the physical condition that you are in, but at around 2.2 miles you reach Muir snowfield.

Winter Camping at Snow Lake

Washington / Snow Lake Trailhead

Starting at the Snow Lake Trail Head you climb up the boot pack or ski track of those before you (hopefully) from ~3120 ft. to ~4400 ft. at the ridge line where Snow Lake becomes visible.

Andrew Sporrer
48 Saves

Climb Sahale Peak via the South Slope Route

Washington / Cascade Pass Trailhead

To get to Sahale Peak, drive to Marblemount, WA and continue on the Cascade River Road (Forest Road 15) for 23.5 miles. The road ends at the Cascade Pass trailhead, where the climb begins.

Analisa Price
46 Saves

Backpack Thunder Creek

Washington / Thunder Creek Trailhead

This hike along Thunder Creek in North Cascades National Park is perfect for families and beginner backpackers.

Camp at Snowy Lakes

Washington / Rainy Pass, WA

Take Hwy 20 to Rainy Pass, and park at the trailhead on the east side of the highway. Begin on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), heading towards Cutthroat Pass.

Bobby Marko
45 Saves

Summit Old Snowy Mountain

Washington / Berry Patch Trailhead

The hike begins just outside of Packwood, Wa at the Berry Patch Trailhead Trail #96, sitting pretty at about 4200ft. The Goat Lake/Jordan Basin loop trail starts here, leading to Old Snowy.

Cammeron Evans
45 Saves

Backpack the Chelan Lakeshore Trail

Washington / Fields Point Landing

Make Note: This adventure requires out and back travel via the 'Lady of the Lake' ferry from Chelan, Washington or Field's Point Landing on Lake Chelan.

Nathan Wall
43 Saves

Camp at Kalaloch's South Beach Campground

Washington / South Beach Campground

Although it's a great option for camping if the main Kalaloch campground has filled up, the South Beach campground is worthy of its own stop even if there is space at Kalaloch.

Backpack to Marmot and Constance Passes

Washington / Marmot Pass Trail

The secret to this trip: Marmot Pass and Boulder Shelter, where you can camp on National Forest Service land.

Kristin McLerran
42 Saves

Backpack the Salmo-Priest Loop

Washington / Salmo-Priest Trailhead

To begin let me just say that this trail has some beautifully breathtaking moments. Also, I highly recommend spring to early summer if you enjoy wildflowers. Okay.. so ...

Nienna Komorebi
42 Saves

Kayak Camp on Cypress Island

Washington / Seafarers Memorial Park

We set out from the town of Anacortes, WA from Seafarers Memorial Park with a group of 6 people. Two in single kayaks and four in two tandem kayaks.

Ben Matthews
42 Saves

Backpack to West Oval Lake

Washington / Eagle/Oval Creek Trail

The trail to West Oval Lake begins at the Eagle Creek Trailhead, outside of Twisp, Washington. Follow the Eagle Creek trail for 1.9 miles until the trail splits.

Sam Watson
41 Saves

Boat-in Camping at Lake Chelan

Washington / Lady of the Lake

You'll pick up the Lady of the Lake Ferry in downtown Chelan.

Whitney James
41 Saves

Backpack to Grand Park in the Olympics

Washington / Obstruction Point Trailhead

The beauty of many of the north coast trails in the Olympic Peninsula is that your car does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Nick Lake
38 Saves

Kayak Camp on Stuart Island

Washington / Stuart Island - San Juan Islands

The northwestern-most point of the San Juan Islands, Stuart Island, is arguably the most gorgeous island to circumnavigate.

Michael Gabbert
37 Saves

Backpack to Glacier Peak Meadows and White Chuck Glacier

Washington / North Fork Sauk River Trailhead

Starting at the North Fork Sauk Trailhead (NFD 49) off the Mountain Loop Highway, you will travel 5.3 miles and gain a leisurely 1,100 feet of elevation until you reach Mackinaw Shelter.

Kristin McLerran
37 Saves

Hike to Josephine Lake

Washington / Stevens Pass

Starting in the parking lot at Steven's Pass Ski Resort (roughly 4,062 feet in elevation; I recommend parking in E lot), start by walking between the two main lodges towards the ski lifts.

Megan Justice
37 Saves

Backpack to Enchanted Valley Chateau

Washington / Graves Creek Ranger Station

This backpacking trip can easily be done in 2 days, but some people prefer to stretch it out to 3.

Hike the Cascade Pass Trail

Washington / Cascade Pass Trailhead

The drive to this hike ends in a 14 mile, steep, unpaved road that will require a vehicle with 4-wheel drive to navigate.

Nicole Bardon
35 Saves

Mountain Run to Lake Ann and Ingalls

Washington / Lake Ingalls Trail

Both trails start at the Esmeralda Trailhead, Trail Number 1394. Lake Ann has a handful of folks that you will run into, whereas Lake Ingalls is a well-traveled trail.

Warren Behymer
34 Saves

Backpack to Pelton Basin in North Cascades NP

Washington / Cascade Pass Trailhead

Starting at 3,640 feet elevation, the Cascade Pass Trailhead begins adjacent to the Johannesburg Camp and proceeds east along a relentless series of switchbacks.

Mike Quine
33 Saves

Winter Camping in Leavenworth

Washington / Icicle Ridge Trail

It's an easy day hike to the Ridge of only 2.5 miles. On the ridge you can relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and a view of Leavenworth.

Warren Behymer
33 Saves

Backpack to High Camp on Ruby Mountain

Washington / Thunder Creek Trailhead

Ruby Mountain is one of the North Cascades more prominent peaks, sitting high above Diablo and Ross Lakes.

Cammeron Evans
29 Saves

Camp at Salt Creek

Washington / Salt Creek Campground

Spend a relaxing night camping at the Salt Creek County Park. This family-friendly adventure can be a perfect overnight getaway for anyone in need of some easy-access outdoors time.

Tara Stamnes
27 Saves

Hike the Umatilla Rock Trial in Dry Falls

Washington / Umatilla Rock Trailhead

While you probably won't accidentally find yourself out here, this is definitely an area to become acquainted with.

Cammeron Evans
26 Saves

Climb Sloan Peak via the Corkscrew Route

Washington / Sloan Peak Trailhead

You'll start the approach to this climb at the Sloan Peak trailhead at 1800ft elevation.

Nick A.
23 Saves

Backpack the Pasayten Wilderness via Horseshoe Basin

Washington / Irongate Trailhead

Please consult with the Forest Service for current road and trail conditions, especially of your are planning a trip on the fringes of the season, i.e.

Thadd Zehnder
23 Saves

Climb Prusik Peak's West Ridge

Washington / Snow Lakes Trailhead

The Enchantments are an amazing experience in themselves.  Yet one of the most striking features of any hike into the core zone of the Enchantments is that of Prusik Peak.

Connor Charles
23 Saves

Backpack to Fourth of July Pass from Thunder Creek

Washington / Thunder Creek Trailhead

Starting at the Colonial Creek Campgrounds, the trail starts out fairly flat taking you along Thunder Creek for about two miles to the Fourth of July Pass trail head.

Hali Kippola
20 Saves

Hike to the Summit of Mt. McCausland

Washington / Mt. McCausland Trailhead Parking

Begin by driving a fairly smooth Forest Road 6700 for 2.5 miles to the Smith Brook Trailhead and park in the space on the left.

Ski Washington Pass

Washington / Washington Pass

Because the North Cascades highway usually closes from November to May due to heavy snow and huge slides that bury the road, few people expend the energy to get there, meaning it's one of the only pl.

Nick Lake
18 Saves

Hike Abernathy Peak

Washington / Scatter Lake Trailhad

Abernathy Peak is one of the shortest and easiest peak on the Bulger List, as it's just a walk-up covering  around 9 miles and 5100 feet in gain.

Analisa Price
15 Saves

Climb Little Tahoma/East Shoulder

Washington / Mount Rainier Summerland Trail, Panhandle Gap

Start from the Summer Land Trail Head at the Fryingpan Creek parking lot just West of the White River Ranger Station in Mount Rainier National Park.

Nick A.
15 Saves

Dispersed Camp near Beaver Creek Group Camp, Mt. Baker Snoqualmie NF

Washington / Beaver Creek Camp Area

This campsite is located along the Mountain  Loop Highway.

Gustavo Quiros
14 Saves

Kayak Camp on Sinclair Island

Washington / Port of Anacortes

Drive to the Port of Anacortes, where you will catch a ferry over to Guemes Island. From there, drive to the North end of the island, where you will find free public parking.

Piper Wolters
8 Saves