The Best Photography in Virginia

Hike McAfee Knob

Virginia / McAfee's Knob Trailhead

From the parking lot on RT311: Cross the road and pick up the white blazed AT headed north. In about .4 miles you will reach an information kiosk where you will continue on the AT.

Christin Healey
841 Saves

Hike Old Rag Mountain

Virginia / Old Rag Parking Lot

Be prepared to deal with crowds, especially on the rock scrambles, which tend to cause a bottle neck. I would recommend starting out early, around 6 or 7 am to avoid the crowds.

Susan Billings
720 Saves

Hike Humpback Rocks

Virginia / Humpback Gap

This little hike is one of the most popular in the area, and for good reason! It's a short and steep one mile to the top, but the views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah National Park to th.

Christin Healey
663 Saves

Hike the Devil's Bathtub

Virginia / Devil's Bathtub

The Devil’s Bathtub is a deep pool of blue-green water known for being a great swimming hole and a beautiful natural feature. This hike is a 3.2 mile out and back hike with 250 feet elevation gain.

Elyse Clark
552 Saves

Hike Little Stony Man, Shenandoah National Park

Virginia / Little Stoney

The parking lot for the trail is right before mile 40 on Skyline drive in Shenandoah National Park. The entire out and back is only .

Christin Healey
539 Saves

Explore Falling Spring Falls in the Alleghany Highlands

Virginia / Falling Spring Falls

Just nine miles north of I-64, this viewpoint is not one to be missed if you’re in the area.

Sarah Giek
525 Saves

Hike to Bearfence Mountain

Virginia / Bearfence Mountain Trailhead

This is one of my favorite hikes in Shenandoah National Park for its views, easy access to the trail, and the option to combine it with a much further hike on the AT.

Christin Healey
522 Saves

Hike to Spy Rock

Virginia / Spy Rock Trail

The hike is part of the George Washington National Forest, and can easily be combined with nearby Crabtree Falls (300ft cascading waterfall with a hike to the top). The entire trip is 3.

Christin Healey
504 Saves

Hike Mount Rogers

Virginia / Mount Rogers Parking Area

Once you enter Grayson Highlands State Park, you will see a parking lot for Massie Gap a few miles in, park here. There is an obvious trail, the Rhododendron Trail, that you will follow for about .

Christin Healey
498 Saves

Hike to Bears Den Overlook

Virginia / Bears Den Trailhead

Bears Den is a collection of rocks and boulders that overlooks the Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, just off the Appalachian Trail.

Robbie O'Donnell
483 Saves

Backpack Three Ridges Loop

Virginia / Reids Gap

From the parking area at Reids Gap, start off on the white-blazed A.T heading south as the trail begins on the left side of a clearing. You will begin climbing Meadow Mountain shortly and in .

Christin Healey
457 Saves

Hike Mount Pleasant

Virginia / Mount Pleasant

From the Mount Pleasant Parking Area, take the blue blazed Pompey Mountain Trail that is just beyond the horse gate.

Christin Healey
449 Saves

Hike Crabtree Falls

Virginia / Crabtree Falls Parking Area, VA

This is an approximately 4 mile roundtrip hike. It will usually take anywhere from 1-2 hours to get up, depending on your experience and who you have with you, and about an hour down.

Lucas Moore
440 Saves

Hike White Oak Canyon

Virginia / White Oak Canyon

Between mile 42 and 43 of Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park is the trailhead for WhiteOak Canyon. Begin at the trailhead from the parking lot and cross the Limberlost Trail in .3 miles.

Christin Healey
437 Saves

Hike Devil's Marbleyard

Virginia / Devil's Marbleyard Trailhead

Want to scale the side of a rock face? If you do, I highly suggest adding this adventure to your list. Hiking to the marbleyard and back to the parking lot will have you at a 3 mile journey.

Hailey Carter
427 Saves

Hike to Blackrock Summit, Shenandoah NP

Virginia / Blackrock Summit Trailhead

There are two route options, both are under 2 miles and are suitable for hikers of all experience levels.

Sarah Giek
422 Saves

Backpack Jeremy's Run Trail, Shenandoah NP

Virginia / Jeremy's Run Trail

This hike is best done as a two-day, one-night backpacking trip, however it can be done as a day hike if you don't wish to backpack.

Susan Billings
389 Saves

Hike Dark Hollow Falls

Virginia / Dark Hollow Falls Trailhead

Catch the trailhead to these falls at mile 50.7 on Skyline Drive, just north of Big Meadows Lodge and Campground and the trailhead is just to the left of the parking lot. This is an easy 1.

Christin Healey
387 Saves

Hike to Mary's Rock Summit in Shenandoah National Park

Virginia / Meadow Spring Parking Area

Mary’s Rock is just south of the Thornton Gap Entrance in Shenandoah National Park’s Central District.

Sarah Giek
387 Saves

Hike the Sharp Top Trail

Virginia / Sharp Top Trailhead

Once thought to be the highest peak in Virginia, this 2.5 hour hike is one that will leave you speechless at the top. Park at the Peaks of Otter Nature Center (which is now closed).

Hailey Carter
370 Saves

Hike to Cascade Falls

Virginia / Cascade Falls Trailhead, VA

The 66' Cascade Falls located in Giles Count is arguably one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Virginia. This classic hike is 4.0 miles and gains 800' in elevation.

Elyse Clark
331 Saves

Explore Ravens Roost Overlook

Virginia / Ravens Roost Overlook

This cozy little overlook is very simple to get to.

Christin Healey
328 Saves

Kayak Beaver Creek Lake

Virginia / Beaver Creek, VA

This little lake close to Charlottesville is my favorite place for an after work kayak, SUP, or just picnic by the water.

Christin Healey
302 Saves

Hike to Apple Orchard Falls

Virginia / Apple Orchard Falls Parking Area (Sunset Field Overlook)

There are a few different ways that you can do this hike. One way is to start at the North Creek campground (37.54244, -79.

Lucas Moore
280 Saves

Hike to Hay Rock

Virginia / Hay Rock

If you're looking for a hike in the Roanoke area without the crowds that McAfee Knob draws, but still want a challenging hike with great views, try hiking to Hay Rock. This 8.

Elyse Clark
275 Saves

Camp at Big Meadows, Shenandoah National Park

Virginia / Big Meadows Campground

Visiting Shenandoah National Park for the first time can be quite overwhelming.

Steph FigPope
271 Saves

Hike to Raven Rock

Virginia / Raven Rock Trailhead

Starting at a small parking lot right off of Route 7 (wuick right onto Pine Grove Road) this hike takes you North on the Appalachian Trail in a very hilly/rocky part of the trail.

Jack Staples
239 Saves

Explore Roaring Run Falls

Virginia / Roaring Run Parking Area, Eagle Rock, VA, United States

From 615 (Craig Creek rd) you turn on to 621 (Roaring Run rd) and about mile down is a little gravel road on the left that you turn down.

Lucas Moore
233 Saves

Hike to Tinker Cliffs

Virginia / Tinker Cliff Parking lot

Looking for a day trip? Look no further than Tinker Cliffs, tucked away in Virginia.

Hailey Carter
218 Saves

Hike to Fallingwater Cascades

Virginia / Fallingwater Cascades Parking Area, Bedford VA

The trailhead for this hike is at the same parking area for the Flat Top Trail.

Lucas Moore
210 Saves

Hike Moorman's River

Virginia / Moorman's River Hike

Along the hike, there are four "official" swimming holes to jump in, but you can make your own at any time.

Christin Healey
205 Saves

Hike to Rose River Falls

Virginia / Rose River Falls Trailhead

Rose River Falls is often overshadowed by it's more popular cousin, Dark Hollow Falls, as both hikes begin at the same trail head.

Kelly Park
190 Saves

Hike the Great Channels

Virginia / Great Channels of Virginia

Park at the parking lot at the crest of Clinch Mountain at Hayters Gap on Rt. 80, and walk along the road (Raven Ridge Road) behind the gate.

Elyse Clark
188 Saves

Hike to Wigwam Falls

Virginia / Yankee Horse Ridge Parking Area

The Yankee Horse Ridge Parking Area is located at milepost 34.4 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. From the parking area, follow the rock steps to the railroad tracks and turn right.

Spenser Reid
182 Saves

Hike Flat Top Mountain

Virginia / Flat Top Mountain Trail

From the Peaks of Otter Visitor Center, travel north up the Blue Ridge Parkway for about 3 miles, where you will come to small parking area for the Flat Top Trailhead.

Lucas Moore
181 Saves

Hike to Doyles Falls

Virginia / Doyles River Falls Trailhead

From the parking lot at MP 81.1 on the Skyline Drive, take the trailhead to the left of the sign with the trail map.

Elyse Clark
181 Saves

Hike Buffalo Mountain

Virginia / Buffalo Mountain Trailhead

A short 1.0 mile hike to the summit with 700’ elevation gain, the trail switchbacks steeply up to the exposed rocky summit.

Elyse Clark
178 Saves

Hike to Bear Church Rock via Bootens Gap

Virginia / Bootens Gap

The trail leads along the ridge of Jones Mountain to the gorgeous views at Bear Church Rock, and it's the perfect hike for those seeking solitude - didn't see another soul the entire time on a holida.

Christin Healey
177 Saves

Explore Camp Hydaway

Virginia / Camp Hydaway, VA

If you love everything outdoors, Camp Hydaway is the place for you! You can do almost any activity you can think of here.

Lucas Moore
172 Saves

Bike into False Cape State Park

Virginia / False Cape State Park

Located in South Eastern Virginia Beach VA, False Cape State Park is only accessible by bike, foot, or tour.

Daniel Brittain
167 Saves

Explore the Luray Caverns

Virginia / Luray Caverns

The caverns are located in the town of Luray, which is in the Shenandoah Valley of northwest Virginia.

Mike Fennell
167 Saves

Hike to Bald Knob

Virginia / Bald Knob Parking Area

Unobstructed views with little hiking effort make Bald Knob one of the best locations to see the sunset in southwestern Virginia.

Elyse Clark
165 Saves

Photograph Dismal Falls

Virginia / Dismal Falls Trailhead

Explorers in Southwest Virginia run into a common problem: local hikes and waterfalls are often saturated with college students out enjoying a warm day.

Erinn Schaal
164 Saves

Hike to White Rocks

Virginia / Thomas Walker Civic Park

Starting at the Ewing Trailhead, in Ewing, VA, you will meander up the ridge for about 2.5 mi before meeting up with Ridge Trail.

Emily Westergard
153 Saves

Swim at Panther Falls

Virginia / Panther Falls Parking

From Lexington or Buena Vista, Virginia, take Rt. 60 east for several miles. As soon as you pass under the Blue Ridge Parkway, look for a gravel road on your right marked Panther Falls Road.

Kenton Steryous
145 Saves

Hike Rock Castle Gorge

Virginia / Rock Castle Gorge Trailhead

This 10.8 mile loop is a very demanding, but very rewarding hike that will take most of the day to complete.

Elyse Clark
144 Saves

Hike to Compton Peak

Virginia / Compton Peak Parking Area

This unique hike on the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah National Park is 2.4 miles round trip with an 835' elevation gain, and leads you to two viewpoints as well as a cool rock outcrop.

Elyse Clark
137 Saves

Hike Angels Rest and the Wilburn Valley Overlook

Virginia / Angels Rest/Wilburn Valley

For a tough hike with rewarding views, check out Angels Rest and the Wilburn Valley Overlook.

Elyse Clark
136 Saves

Camp at Switzer Lake

Virginia / Switzer lake

Directly off of Interstate 81, headed toward West Virginia on Rt 33 is a beautiful lake only known by the locals.

Explore Breaks Interstate Park

Virginia / Clinchfield Overlook lot

Breaks Interstate Park lies on the border of western Virginia and eastern Kentucky, and is known as the “Grand Canyon of the South”.

Elyse Clark
128 Saves

Hike Barney's Wall

Virginia / Barney's Wall

This hike begins in the parking lot for Cascade Falls. Keep left at the first and second intersections to stay on the Upper Trail.

Elyse Clark
120 Saves

Hike through Falls Ridge Preserve

Virginia / Falls Ridge Preserve

Dogs are not allowed on this preserve, so please do not bring a dog along. From the parking lot walk through the mowed field until you reach the woods.

Elyse Clark
118 Saves

Take in the View at Roanoke Mountain Overlook

Virginia / Roanoke Mountain Overlook

The Roanoke Mountain Road is a 4 mile one-way loop accessed at mile post 120.3 off the Blueridge Parkway. It's a winding single-lane road, and I would certainly not venture up there with a trailer.

Kenton Steryous
113 Saves

Photograph Mabry Mill

Virginia / Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill is one of the most photographed spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and rightfully so. Located at MP 176.1 the mill is beautiful in any season and easily accessed from the parking lot.

Elyse Clark
106 Saves

Hike to Overall Run Falls

Virginia / Overall Run Falls Trailhead

Start at the Hogback parking lot at MP 21.1 on the Skyline Drive. Take the Appalachian Trail south for 0.8 miles, and turn right onto the Tuscarora-Overall Run Trail. After 0.

Elyse Clark
106 Saves

Backpack the Mount Rogers Loop

Virginia / Massie Gap Trailhead

For an awesome 2-3 day trip, start hiking at the Massie Gap trailhead, which can be reached from Grayson Highlands State Park.

John Sides
104 Saves

Explore Skyline Drive In Winter

Virginia / Skyline Drive (Shenandoah National Park)

Skyline Drive is a winding highway that cuts straight through Shenandoah National Park.

Christin Healey
102 Saves

Hike Little Devil Stairs

Virginia / Little Devil Stairs Trailhead

This hike starts with an immediate stream crossing -- how wet your feet get depends on the water level but bring an extra pair of socks! The first mile consists of a typical Shenandoah hike -- uphil.

Kelly Park
100 Saves

Hike Blue Suck Falls and the Tuscarora Overlook

Virginia / Blue Suck Falls Trail

In Douthat State Park, park at the Discovery Center/Amphitheater parking lot near the children's fishing area.

Elyse Clark
91 Saves

Hike to Kelly's Knob via the Appalachian Trail

Virginia / Kelly's Knob Trailhead

This is a great day hike for families or groups looking to get out for a short hike on the Appalachian Trail in Jefferson National Forest.

Jake Sells
81 Saves

Photograph Sinking Creek Falls

Virginia / Sinking Creek Falls

Park at the Clover Hollow Covered Bridge, and walk or bike  1/3 mile along Clover Hollow Rd in the direction of Blue Grass Trail Rd or to the pin dropped in the location below.

Jake Sells
77 Saves

Stargaze at Little Creek Dam Road

Virginia / Little Creek Dam Road

This stargazing spot is a wonderful place to test your star photography, or a sweet place to relax and chill with friends. It's a quiet and relaxing spot.

Geo Min
76 Saves

Canoe or Kayak at Carvins Cove

Virginia / Carvins Cove

Part of the attraction to the Cove is that you can literally leave work at 5pm and be in the water paddling in plenty of time to catch the sunset.

Kenton Steryous
73 Saves

Fly Fish on the Rapidan River

Virginia / Graves Mill Parking Area

Park at the Graves Mill Parking Area. From here you can easily follow the Rapidan River up the mountain.

Jess Fischer
67 Saves

Hike Sentinel Point and Mill Creek Falls

Virginia / Mill Creek Trails

There are many trails in the area so here is a map to start out because it can get confusing:

Elyse Clark
66 Saves

Hike Rhododendron Trail

Virginia / Grayson Highlands State Park Massies Gap Parking Area

In order to go when the Rhododendron are blooming you'll need to aim for the first three weeks of June.

Jess Fischer
65 Saves

Hike to Little and Big Rocky Row

Virginia / James River Foot Bridge

Starting at the James River Footbridge, which is the longest foot traffic only bridge on the entire Appalachian Trail. Head north on the Appalachian Trail.  You will quickly cross over Rt. 501.

Elyse Clark
62 Saves

Backpack Rose River Loop

Virginia / Fisher's Gap Overlook Parking

The trail can be found on Skyline Drive.  Though it is a little challenging to locate, you should park at  Fisher’s Gap Overlook (mile marker 49.

Matt Van Swol
58 Saves

Hike to Shamokin Falls

Virginia / Dripping Rock Parking Area

Starting from the Dripping Rock Parking area at MP 10 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, head north on the white blazed Appalachian Trail (trail leading into woods from parking lot- don't cross the road).

Jess Fischer
55 Saves

Hike Difficult Run in Great Falls

Virginia / Difficult Run

Difficult Run is a popular hiking location right down the street from Great Falls National Park. Starting at the Difficult Run parking lot you head to the trail at the far end of the lot.

Jenn Gonzalez
54 Saves

Visit Bull Run Battlefield

Virginia / Manassas National Battlefield Park

Located about 40 minutes from D.C. just off I-66 in Manassas, VA.

Dave Cavanaugh
52 Saves

Hike through Community Park and Natural Area

Virginia / Heritage Parking

This is an easy hike through nature with about 2 miles of grass paths and about 0.75 miles of paved paths. It is Blacksburgs biggest park at 169 acres with easy to find parking and picnic areas.

Adam Mustafa
52 Saves

Hang Out At Riverview Park

Virginia / Riverview Park

Riverview park has tons of options for getting outside around Charlottesville, VA. Part of the Rivanna Trail runs through here, so if you are really ambitious, this trail goes around the entire city.

Christin Healey
51 Saves

Hike the Scott's Run Nature Preserve Trail

Virginia / Scott's Run Nature Preserve Parking

This nature preserve can be hiked year-round and is a sanctuary for rare wildflowers, birds, and other wildlife including deer and fox.

Jayce Christine
51 Saves

Hike Frazier Discovery Trail

Virginia / Frazier Discover Trail

There are two ways to the summit: the first is a 1.3 mile loop that starts at the Loft Mountain Wayside parking lot at mile marker 79.

Brandon Dewey
51 Saves

Hike the War Spur Loop

Virginia / War Spur Trailhead

This is an awesome hike to do with limited time. It only took about 2 hours total with time to chill at the overlook.

Jake Sells
50 Saves

Canoe or Kayak the Upper James River

Virginia / Horseshoe Bend Boat Ramp

Put in at the Horseshoe Bend Boat Ramp near Buchanan, VA. The pin on the map will take you right there. Takeout will be at the boat ramp in downtown Buchanan, approximately 9 miles down river.

Kenton Steryous
50 Saves

Visit Colonial Williamsburg

Virginia / Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center

Williamsburg, Virginia , founded in 1632, is one of the oldest cities in America.

Alex Anderson
48 Saves

Fly Fish Goshen Pass

Virginia / Goshen Pass

The fly fishing on the Maury River is one of a kind through the Goshen Pass.

Kenton Steryous
43 Saves

Hike Betty's Rock

Virginia / Betty's Rock Parking Area

To reach Betty’s Rock, park at Crescent Rock Overlook located at mile marker 44.5 along Skyline Drive.

Brandon Dewey
43 Saves

Photograph Buck Hollow Overlook

Virginia / Buck Hollow Overlook

Buck Hollow Overlook is one of 72 beautiful overlooks that are on Skyline Drive.  Skyline Dive is the road that winds through the heart of Shenandoah National Park.

Brandon Dewey
42 Saves

Photograph Devils Knob Overlook

Virginia / Devils Knob Overlook

Located next to Wintergreen Resort, Devils Knob is super easy to get to and has an amazing 180 degree panoramic view.

Brandon Dewey
40 Saves

Photograph Great Falls of the Potomac

Virginia / Great Falls of the Potomac

Viewing Great Falls is easy which makes this adventure great for all levels of adventurers. There is a ~$10 entrance fee, there you will receive a map of the park.

Catch a Sunset at the Jordan Bridge

Virginia / South Norfolk Jordan Bridge

The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge spans the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River connecting Chesapeake and Portsmouth, Virginia.

Jim Novak
38 Saves

Hike the Shenandoah River State Park Loop

Virginia / Shenandoah River State Park Parking

Shenandoah River State Park is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.  The park is full of well-maintained trails great for hiking and mountain biking.

Brandon Dewey
37 Saves

Bike the New River Trail

Virginia / New River Trail

There are several locations to begin your trek on the New River Trail, but our favorite is the Draper Valley area. The pin on the map will take you right to the parking lot.

Kenton Steryous
37 Saves

Photograph Hazel Mountain Overlook

Virginia / Hazel Mountain Overlook

Skyline Dive runs through the heart of Shenandoah National Park.  Consisting of 72 overlooks over 105 miles, Skyline Drive offers great views of the surrounding Blue Ride Mountains and valleys.

Brandon Dewey
35 Saves

Hike to Twin Pinnacles

Virginia / Grayson Highlands State Park Visitors Center

Park at the Visitor Center; don't stress when you get to the parking lot and can't see it, it's up the hill. From the parking lot hike across the road and find the staircase.

Jess Fischer
35 Saves

Hike the Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Loop

Virginia / Red Rock Wilderness Overlook

Red Rock Wilderness Overlook provides 60+ acres of trails to explore right in Leesburg, Virginia.

Jenn Gonzalez
32 Saves

Hike to Wind Rock

Virginia / Wind Rock Trailhead

At the parking lot cross the gravel road to the trail head that starts at a map posted on the edge of the road.

Jake Sells
30 Saves

Catch A Sunset At Kiptopeke State Park

Virginia / Kiptopeke Parking

This beautiful State Park on the Virginia Eastern Shore provides visitors with a very secluded beach even in the dead of summer.

Alex Anderson
29 Saves

Bike Camp False Cape

Virginia / False Cape State Park

It's hard to beat an outdoor adventure that keeps you near the ocean's edge. For this destination, getting there is possibly the best part.

Grace Brookshire
25 Saves

Camp at Claytor Lake State Park

Virginia / Claytor Lake State Park

Claytor Lake is a very well maintained state park in Dublin, VA. There are four campgrounds available.

Kenton Steryous
24 Saves

Camp at Sherando Lake

Virginia / Sherando Lake

Sherando Lake is a beautifully maintained dog/family friendly campground situated between two lakes.

Kelly Park
23 Saves

Fish Sinking Creek at Clover Hollow Queens Truss Bridge

Virginia / Clover Hollow Covered Bridge

Park alongside of the road at the bridge where 2-3 cars can fit. From here you can fish in Sinking Creek with a great view of this historic landmark.

Jake Sells
21 Saves

Hike the Whiteoak Trail in Shenandoah NP

Virginia / Whiteoak Falls Trailhead

The round trip is a total of 7.3 miles (11.8 km) from the Skyline Drive parking lot to the Whiteoak Canyon Trailhead parking lot (mile 42.6) to the final waterfall of the lower three.

Hike to Historical Rapidan Camp in Shenandoah National Park

Virginia / Milam Gap Parking

For this hike park at the Milam Gap parking lot located at mile 52.8 on Skyline Drive. Once parked you will cross Skyline Drive to reach the trail.

Jenn Gonzalez
18 Saves

Catch a Sunset at the Old Pungo Ferry Landing

Virginia / Old Pungo Ferry Landing

From the Virginia Beach ocean front, head South on VA-149/General Booth Blvd for 6 miles. Turn left onto Princess Anne Rd and head South for 10.5 miles. Turn right onto Old Pungo Ferry Rd.

Alex Anderson
18 Saves

Backpack Reeds Gap to Rockfish Gap

Virginia / Reeds Gap, Virginia

Note: We usually get a chance to take this trip in the summer, so please pay attention to the weather and pack accordingly.

Sam Darling
17 Saves

Hike through the New River Cave

Virginia / New River Cave

After reaching the parking area, cross the road and continue up the trail for about 0.3 miles. At the kiosk, make sure to register in order to indicate that you are going into the cave.

Geo Min
16 Saves

Hike along the River Walk Trail in Roanoke's Explore Park

Virginia / Rutrough Parking Area

Starting at a great spot to picnic, fish, or put in a kayak, this casual hike meanders along the Roanoke River.

Lecia Finney
13 Saves

Hike to the Keffer Oak on the Appalachian Trail

Virginia / Keffer Oak - Appalachian Trail

You can park your car at the small gravel lot where VA-42 and Rt. 629 intersect. Starting from the Appalachian Trail crossing at VA-42,  head north on the AT, which winds through some grass meadows.

Elyse Clark
12 Saves

Photograph Yorktown Beach

Virginia / Yorktown Beach

With the George P. Coleman bridge spanning the width of the York River, a fishing pier, and numerous rock jetties, Yorktown Beach is a great location for photographing sunrises or sunsets.

Elyse Clark
12 Saves

Hike the Lake Trail Loop at Hungry Mother SP

Virginia / Hungry Mother SP Parking Area (Lake Dr)

Hungry Mother State Park is located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains in Southern Virginia.

Jenn Gonzalez
11 Saves

Explore the Shenandoah Caverns

Virginia / Shenandoah Caverns

Located west of Washington D.C. off Interstate 81 (exit 269) Shenandoah Caverns is a nice little place tucked away in the Virginia country side.

Gustavo Quiros
10 Saves

Snowshoe the Blue Ridge Parkway

Virginia / Blue Ridge Parkway at Blue Ridge Virginia

We don't get a ton of snow here in Virginia, but when we do, the Blue Ridge Parkway can be a great place to get out and enjoy a day of snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

Kenton Steryous
9 Saves

Photograph Moormans River Overlook

Virginia / Moorman's River Overlook

Moormans River Overlook is one of the few eastern facing overlooks in Shenandoah National Park’s Southern District, which makes this a prime location for watching the sun rise when in this part of th.

Brandon Dewey
6 Saves

Climb to the Top of the Cape Henry Lighthouse

Virginia / Cape Henry Lighthouse

Visit not one, but two of the most historic and important lighthouses to our great nation. The original Cape Henry Lighthouse was the U.S.

Alex Anderson
4 Saves

Hike to Naked Creek Falls

Virginia / Naked Creek Overlook

Please note that there is no trail leading to these falls.  This hike is for advanced hikers.

Jenn Gonzalez
3 Saves

Hike the Woodmarsh Trail

Virginia / Woodmarsh Trail, Mason Neck State Park

Just at the entrance to Mason Neck State Park is the Woodmarsh Trail. The entire loop is about 3 miles. This is a pleasant easy hike that is relatively flat with no rocks to speak of.

John Maurizi
2 Saves

Hike at Turkey Run Park, McLean

Virginia / Turkey Run Parking

Turkey Run Park is available to hikers year-around and is located just off of George Washington Parkway in McLean, Virginia.

Jenn Gonzalez
2 Saves